I have not seen much note of this on science blogs.


But I was really excited by this news story.  My daughter loves dinosaurs and is tickled to think that the chickens and hawks around us are just tiny, puff-chested dinos.


Alberta Dinosaur Feathers

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A fossilized feathered dino/bird was found, as I recall, in China. I've seen mention of it so often in recent years that I will be surprised if "feathered dinosaur" isn't in Wikipedia.

If the meteor 65 million years ago hadn't wiped out the big dinos, the tiny mammals might not have come out of their underground shelters and we homo semi-sapiens might not now be polluting earth.


Not the universe, just the earth and its environs.

A fine 30-minute BBC TV documentary on these latest discoveries was shown a few days ago, and is being repeated today at 4.30 p.m. on BBC1. 

Planet Dinosaur: Creatures that blur the boundaries between dinosaurs and birds.

Thank you for all the information!




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