My apologies, I just posted this in the comment thread, but would love to hear a discussion (I'm fairly new here and still figuring all this out).  My family and I just watched the premier episode of the Discovery channel's show "Curiosity", where they tackle big questions.  Tonight's show, which featured Stephen Hawking, was asking "Did god create the universe"?  If any other viewers are out there, I would love to hear your response.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A afterward and thought Sean Carroll did a great job.


I have not yet found where you can watch the complete episode online (perhaps they will replay it?), but here is a link where you can see some of the segments:


(Many thanks to Steph S., for giving us the heads-up about this show.)

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This is the best I can find right now.  Still just fragments of the show, but at least they are well organized.


Thanks for the reminder.  It hasn't started yet in my time zone.  Hopefully there will be a good discussion about this one.  I'm looking forward to it

Thanks Greg.


My job is fairly easy, as my daughter announced that there was no proof of a god when she was 5 years old.  It is because of her that I have joined the atheist community.  I was quite comfortable in my world of non-belief, but I want to help pave the way so that she will face less discrimination for being a nonbeliever.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show, if you get a chance to see it.

Greg, I totaly agree with everything you have said/written.

I have three boys (23, 16 and 13) and it's difficult for them to find friends that share the same opinions they have about living a moral life "without" a god. As soon as the other kids find out that my children are nonbelievers, they don't visit them and don't want to hang out with them anymore. I wish we had more atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc. in our neighborhood.

Yeah, on  Nuts.  They never stream full shows online, for some reason.  You'd think they would be all for scooping up every ad dollar they could, considering their lower share of the tv viewership.
Thanks Annie Thomas!  I hope everyone enjoyed the show.  I didn't watch the Q&A afterward though.  I was satisfied with the conclusion that Hawking gave at the end of the show -- that there was no god that created the universe.

..That was pretty awesome..I'm gonna watch the rerun of "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking" after this discussion show ends..His idea about .."before the big bang there was no time..therefore..there was no time for God..psssh..yeah, well sure alright..As that white haired Japanese scientist questioned, What about "multiverses multi-universes"..I just love to listen to these guys..I have a hard time understanding and comprehending such phenomena as Quantum Mechanics, but it's "fun", inspiring, humbling and makes me feel privileged that I am here to share in the experience; just knowing there are people that think up stuff like this is very exciting to me..

  This stuff makes listening to a theist explain their ideas seem way less bothersome, I mean, now I'll just shurg and say.."well, humph.. alrighty then..heh..heh"..


Stephen Hawking, The Man, really humbles me..I mean, look at the guy..he says he feels lucky to be alive! he says he's free.. WoW!! What a guy

That was a terrific show.  I didn't expect Stephen Hawking and the show to be so direct, and actually answer the question at the end.  I'm impressed that Discovery aired this.


The discussion afterwards was okay.  Sean Carroll is a great speaker.  Unsurprisingly, the theologian said nothing of importance.  He focused on the question not being in the realm of science.


big file; but each link should contain the whole episode. they are there as of now 

hope the site doesn't have a problem but this is the best i could find

Wow, that's deep water for me - I'd better watch this develop and learn, rather than participate.

While watching. I tried to step into the shoes of a religious person who has some doubts, since before watching, the answer for me was already "no".


I felt that the beginning segment, where the vikings were watching their wolf god "eat" the sun during a solar eclipse was well done.  It showed how throughout history, humans have used the concept of god or gods to explain the unexplainable.  Since we now have the science to explain what is occurring during an eclipse, we know there is no giant wolf eating it.  I wish they would have ran with this strategy, picking apart all the things that historically were attributed to a god, only later to be explained through the laws of nature.  I think that was the intent, but the culminating segment of the big band/no time explanation was not in itself a convincing argument.  As someone else posted, too many loopholes for the religious.


The discussion afterward was interesting, but I am always disappointed how scientists give a free pass to religion in such discussions and tiptoe around the idea of god, as if the believers must be coddled.  I felt that Carroll did an excellent job at sharing his thoughts without bowing down to the theologian on the panel. 


Overall, I was pleased with the show... and thrilled that it was even aired!  And since we DVRed it, we were able to rewind and listen several times to Dr. Hawking say, "There is no god." ;-)

I watched it and even though I don't wuite understand the mathematics involved, I thought Stephen Hawking did a really good job.  I didn't watch the Q&A segement afterwards, though.  I had a headache and it sounded more like the same old "science doesn't have all the answers" kind of thing.  In fairness, science has all the answers, but it just doesn't give them to us directly.  Instead, it gives us the tools we need to find the answers ourselves.  I expect that the religious are gonna be in an uproar about this.




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