Researchers at Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology are asking anyone who has cryptozoological material to submit a description of it in order that some may be genetically tested for identification. The researchers are trying to rule out that Neanderthal or Denisovan still exist in small numbers in remote parts of the world. Per the article:


One theory about the yeti is that it belongs to small relic populations of other hominids, such as Neanderthals or Denisovans. While Sykes said this idea is unlikely to be proven true, "if you don't look, you won't find it." The collection phase of the project will run through September, with genetic testing following that through November. After that, Sykes said, they will write up the results for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal; this would be the first such publication of cryptozoology results, he said.


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This is just plain idiocy. A poor hairless dog stuck in a cage is even being considered as a possible Bigfoot? No offense but give me the biggest fuckin break!

And who cares if there is a Bigfoot? Leave it alone. If it exists and hasn't come out to say Hello, or come out on the back of a rednecks ATV then it's hiding for a reason. Because humans aren't half as civil as forest animals are.

The upside is that supposed evidence of Bigfoot will very probably be exposed as false going a long way toward putting to rest the speculation that Bigfoot actually exists. I think the researchers are anticipating this as a worthwhile end.

There is no "Upside" in what you are saying. Every bit of supposed evidence that bigfoot was real has been proven false, but I am an animal lover and that bald dog in the cage is the reason why everyone who is looking for a big-foot should be shot in the head.

Get a fucking job, there is NO big-foot. No matter how much of your uncle's hootch you drink won't change that fact!

That is a bad way to try to convince people. A scientific approach would be much better received and I think the researchers fully realize this. I am an animal lover too but I don't see where scientifically debunking speculation that Bigfoot exists constitutes cruelty to animals. It just uses science to help put misconception to rest.

Convince people of what? I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I think you are, and if you are, then you present the biggest danger to any "Bigfoot" population that might be out there.

Men will try and shoot anything they think is a Bigfoot. I could name cases where humans were shot because un-trained hunters thought they saw bigfoot.....

My ultimate point is. If there are "Bigfoot" around, then leave them the hell alone.

I think that reason should prevail over emotion. Far beyond a 99% probability the DNA tests will only serve to dispel the myth of Bigfoot. If there is a species of hominid somewhere that we don't know about it would be better protected if we discovered it than if we did not.

I wonder how many different excuses will be invented to explain why cryptozoologists won't submit their "evidence". This is a good idea because 'Big Foot Loonies' will look more like 'Big Foot Loonies' and perhaps the Discovery channel will stop giving these deluded morons air time.
I really really would love to have to eat my words. I'd love it if they found evidence for it, but seriously, there's 7 billion of us, many with smart phones, cameras, camcorders. We really do have enough tech now to track them down and get them in HD. The US certainly has some inhospitable places but it's no tropical rainforest, one of these deluded dreamers would be very famous now if it existed.
Be nice if there was a human race on the planet, not responsible for the next big extinction event though!

Well put.

To Garret Bishop.
We need to know if Big Foot exists because:

We don't want to cut down his home.

They will probably require some assistance with genetic diversity.

We would immediatly have an excuse to create massive areas of protected habitat which is good for all species, including our own.

It would enrich our understanding of the natural world and our place in it.

It would be one of the greatest discoveries in human history.

It would create jobs.

It would improve the american economy through tourism and merchandise.

There would of course be the problem with poachers, but if it is human and obviously rarer than us, it's murder, and should therefore carry a mandatory death sentence with it.
I should also say, I could cheerfully decapitate animal abusers, animals are innocent and have no concept of evil (that we know of), but people who do it are going to find one reason or another to do it in their lives and we need to remember the wisdom of good old Spock sometimes, "The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or the one!"

Also, I understand your passion, but "calm down dear" we are all friends here, poor ol John, he's allowed an opinion.

To end with I'd like to say to you, as a fellow free thinker, "live long and prosper" (I mean it too).

PS: I don't believe in Bigfoot, if they existed at all, a shallow gene pool would have killed them off by now!




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