Aberingi's long-running topic entitled "Do we need a Universal Atheist Symbol?" leads me to ask "Do we need a Universal Atheist Motto?".

Well, perhaps we don't, or perhaps we could, but some theists might get deservedly irritated if we chose to use something like "In Darwin we trust" at appropriate moments.
These words, suitably translated into other languages, have a basic international atheist appeal with respect to truth and helpful anti-theist sabre-rattling and debating.
e.g. they might look good on the side of a bus/ coach.

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I thought maybe you was a CB'r, who liked to eat the mike!
Damn, Glenn. All this time I thought you were looking over your cup of coffee all scholarly like. I'm going to go ahead and continue to believe that, if you don't mind.
Hey, I need all the help I can get!
What about a self-referential motto like

OK, and with appologies to all the AA'rs out there:

People who believe in gawd, don't drink enough beer.
How 'bout:

There Is No God, 'n Jesus Really is Dead
- Now Put Back the Body, 'n Stop Foolin' Around.
How about "I'll consider believing in Jesus, but not until I see his original birth certificate."
That's what I was going for :)
Or, Jesus was Borned in Aferka!
I agree, Phil - you certainly aren't going to find anything of value on this thread. Whatever value might have been had, was worn out a long time age.

Now it's just something people keep coming back to - like a bad habit - looking to see if anything useful has ever fallen out. And, sans that, leaving another bit of tripe to mark our passing: "Kilroy was here."

Comments shudda been closed a loooong time ago.
"Skepticism, think about it!"
What is truth, Ashish? (In reply to your post 8/28/2010)




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