I hope we can start a serious disscusion about having one Global Atheist Symbol to identify all the atheists in the World.

The two letters A + T are at the root of more than 80 official languages plus hundreds of unofficial languages or regional languages:

Latest design 2010 ATHEIST EYE ~OJO ATEO:

The original design:

Slideshow of the latest design atheisteye:

Athesitically yours

Jorge Aberingi

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I agree, we need a public everyday presence. I would love to be able to see other atheists out and about!
I agree but there are additional reasons. We are not being given the Constitutional rights that we are entitled to. The 1st Amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" yet we have "In God We Trust" on our money. As we all know, this is only one example of how our rights as non-theists are being ungraciously and uncivilly dismissed by government. We must demonstrate organization to effectively stand against such treatment. Of course we have our differences but we should not compromise Constitutional rights that will benefit all of us as a result of them. A universal symbol for non-theism (Atheism) would help demonstrate our numbers, help bring out of the closet those of us who are shy in our beliefs, help win over theists who are getting fed up with theism and help demonstrate the organization that we need to be taken seriously from a legal standpoint and otherwise in our positions against religion.
I basically agree with you. There's a need to become global, to eliminate language and culture barriers among atheists.
Here in Spain it is easier to be an atheist, even more, the churches are empty, people uses them for their pagan primate needs.

The church is on the defensive and making big mistakes.

For example: on the 14th of May COPE the Catholic Media Network started a campaign asking for signatures in internet to demand the holding of early elections, (the church supports the opposition party PP, conservatives) to get the country out of the crisis. By the 26th of May they had gathered 170.000 signatures. Yesterday "El Intermedio" a humor news program on channel "la sexta" proposed to held a recollection of signatures to demand the holding of the "Judgement Day" NOW! (http://www.lasexta.com/juiciofinalcuantoantes/) and in 24 hours they collected 223.608 signatures. This gives you a picture of Spanish serious humor.

So, our proposal for an Universal Atheist Symbol makes sense and even the Catholic Church in this page :( http://radiocristiandad.wordpress.com/2009/12/22/el-papa-insta-a-lo... ) uses the A/T symbol in an article where the Pope on December 2009 urges the Church leaders to maintain dialogue with the atheists. (you can translate the article so you get to know their thoughts.

The most interesting thing is that the page (http://radiocristiandad.wordpress.com/) which is ultra-catholic has so far today 4,255,715 visits.

John I think that it is time to take atheist seriously and truly global atheist movement of mutual solidarity. Now is a good moment, we have internet, we have a crisis and both together can undermine the very roots of believers.

We'll be in touch, we are not in a hurry, things will evolve for themselves.



I agree Aberingi. As you have documented, even the church sees the circled A over T as the symbol of Atheism. However, I think it important that we use the stylish dynamic circled A over T as our symbol. The other style is too reminiscent of the style of the Star of David. Moreover, the stylish dynamic style would better convey the positive theme of Atheism and be more attractive on jewelry or letterhead. I hope people understand how encompassing Atheism is. It does not contain only anti-theism but also non-theism. A universal Atheist symbol would allow anybody in this combination of realms to make a statement without using words.
You can take at least two points of view on this. First as atheist, anti-theist, freethinkers we have no universal paradigm. To use an identifying symbol is tantamount to declaring an "atheist denomination".
Many fundamentalist Christians already believe we are all in a secret satanic society plotting their demise, ready to herd them up and put the in a modern day death camp.
On the obverse of it, should we become more reviled and discriminated against than we are now, a rallying sign may be valuable. I like the atom, the large stylized A/T symbol may look a little too occult for some peoples taste.
But my wife and I do like the Muslim moon /star trek/thong symbol very much.

Yes. It looks rather ominous in black.
Why nobody compares the A/T symbol with the PEACE symbol? is the same thing.
Didn't I compare it in my previous post? I called it Hippie symbol.
Sorry, yes I remember, I hope you did because you understand the similarities. The millions of hippies that used the same symbol where complete individualists, had no organisation or whatsoever, except the mystic guru driven sects that were a total minority. The same would apply to a universal atheist symbol, individual atheists will identify themselves with the message of the symbol, but there are no organisational intentions. For sure we will find anti religious and anti Christians people that will organise themselves to attack "the enemy".

The same thing happened with the anarchist at end of the XIX and begining XX centuries.
There were few individuals that took justice in their hands that thought that by killing the king or the president of a nation with a bomb or a gun, everything would change. That was a grouse mistake, ever since the State and the Capitalist system relate anarchism with terrorism to keep away people from accepting anarchist philosophy. Nevertheless, here in Spain an anarcho-syndicalist union CNT had 2.000.000 afiliated members at the beguining of the Sapinish Civil War in 1936. And that fact has been hidden from history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Civil_War.
And if you have free time check out at this famous atheist character:

Thanks for your attention and sorry again.

Another issue is that when you look at it it looks like a but crack.....like we are mooning the rest of the world. Not the sort of image I'd want to use.



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