I hope we can start a serious disscusion about having one Global Atheist Symbol to identify all the atheists in the World.

The two letters A + T are at the root of more than 80 official languages plus hundreds of unofficial languages or regional languages:

Latest design 2010 ATHEIST EYE ~OJO ATEO:

The original design:

Slideshow of the latest design atheisteye:

Athesitically yours

Jorge Aberingi

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Not all words have symbols if they did we would still be writing in Hieroglyphs
I think a universal atheist symbol is urgently needed. Also needed is a universal flag to be flown in all the houses of every atheist of the world. from Asok Kumar Das Kolkata, India
Yes , I agree entirely with you.
I agree, Asok Kumar.

If EVERY atheist in the world would fly an atheist flag from his or her house the world would really begin to change---for the better.
The numbers would be high in some countries, and a great band-wagon of atheism--hitherto partly suppressed--would roll.

Even in theocratic nations, numbers could be high provided that there would be no fear of reprisals from the fanatically-religious godbots.
I was innocently supposing that a lapel badge or a flag would be making a simple statement like "I am an atheist"
meaning that "I am a free-thinking anti-religious rationalist and therefore support an atheistic world view as providing the best hope for the future of humankind."
I feel like other Atheist will recognize what it means. (No gods) If you think in the terms of the people we are trying to show we are growing and real, I think it will do just what we need it to. We use this symbol to show you we are here. See look, your seeing more of them aren't you? maybe theres something to it? Maybe it will give younger kids a reason to look into what it means, without the old meme's attached to the AT symbol. I think focusing less on taking over right now and more on educating and uniting the next generations is the only way for change. It happens slower then we can see. Much slower then we want it to, it frustrates the hell out of me but religions have to be bread out of us. We cant just sit around and think we are right they are wrong who cares. they think the same things but they care and run around with gold crosses and train there kids to.
I think it's possible that there is a lingering "species memory" that we possess which recalls the many, many atrocities that have been visited on humanity by religion(s). If that is so, then those of us who are sufficiently paranoid would be reluctant to identify ourselves to those many zealots who would love to see the return of the Inquisition and its auto-da-fe.

I don't think I'm kidding.
No Atheist would be forced to display the symbol so this should not be a concern.
Sometimes I think we take this stuff a little too seriously.

Even if there were a Universal Atheist symbol, I probably wouldn't display it, not out of paranoia but because atheism is a philosophical position I arrived at after a long journey. It's not something I can claim as a great achievement; it just is what it is. I don't expect, need or deserve a visual symbol that proclaims my membership. That said, however, I'm happy to be a part of the atheist community.
If you live with paranoia and prefer to keep yourself in the "closet" is up to you.


Even this traditional Catholic page with over 4 million vistis recognises the atheist symbol to refer to as. The pope, last December urged his bishops to dialogue with the atheist to convert them. Ironic? hilarious look:

I think you are missing the whole point. (with my respects)

It looks like you enjoy complicating your life or it seems that you do not understand the seruousness of this proposal. Just be a bit open minded and you'll see. Time to time.

A/T circled ROCKS!



I enjoy complicating my life? That's laughable. I don't know if your remark is directed at me or not, but please explain how I've "complicated my life." Furthermore, your comment about keeping an open mind sounds very similar to what I've been told by religious idiots. I stated a position, and whether or not I have an 'open mind' is immaterial.



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