I am wondering if I can get some thoughts on this point that has been stuck in my head.

The only societies that live in complete environmental harmony are small tribal groups scattered in far reaches of the globe.  All these societies hold supernatural beliefs and I am guessing believe in gods of somesort.

So this could I am missing the point.  Perhaps this is about traditional lifestyles and supernatural beliefs which are a part of that.  Or is it something I haven't considered.  But is there any teeth in the notion it requires some faith based system to live this way, in small collective groups, in order to live in such a sustainable way?  I would think this would be particularly interesting if one finds environmentalism to be an ethic.  Thanks for reply.

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A short lifespan and high infant mortality is naturally easier on the environment than industrialization.  Religion's correlation, if anything, is one of technical ignorance and the prioritization of tradition over the best interests of the tribe.

This was the sort of thoughts I was hoping to read.  Thank you.

Thanks, I'll check it out

Read it.  Great.  Kills my point totally.  Excellent read as well.  Thanks much.




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