Do the origins of some religions relate to epilepsy?

See my most recent YouTube video:

Does An Ancient Babylonian Medical Treatise Have An Amazing Insight...


Two of my other YouTube videos that are very relevant to this topic:

Heaven Within You: Ecstatic Seizures

Sick Mystics


Please let me know what you think.

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On a similar note, I have a copy of National Geographic where the cover story is "The Birth of Religion."  I haven't had a chance to read the article, but from the picture used I think it's more about the birthplace of religion.  The article might not focus on who started religion, but rather where they started it and perhaps when.
Mystics have visions, there's something neurological going on there.  But epilepsy isn't the only condition that causes ecstatic euphoria or visions.  I have bipolar disorder with atypical hallucinations, and it's not this way for everyone, but the mania portion of my episodes includes euphoria and a feeling of oneness with the universe and all of nature.  The world is a spectacularly beautiful place and I love all of mankind when I am manic.  I have seen trees glowing with a radiance of their own, and the air sparkle.  The Moon has spoken to me.   Bipolar disorder also causes delusions of grandeur.  I have a special destiny when I am manic.  Fortunately, when my father was alive, he didn't allow religion in the house so I wasn't raised with it.  After he died, my mother became a fundamentalist and today thinks she is a prophet.  If I had been raised with religion by my mother the prophet, who has had terrifying visions of her own, I would be a mystic today, with tales of messages from on high.  Instead, I'm a rational thinker with interesting neurological experiences.  Whew, close call!
Cheryl, thanks very much for sharing your experiences!  I have mentioned that mania is also a condition that can produce religious experiences in my YouTube video "Sick Mystics", and I've been reading up on the 17th C. "messiah" Sabbatai Zevi who seems very obviously to have been bipolar.  I intend to do some videos on him and other bipolar religious figures from the history of religion, as well as doing epilepsy-focused videos.  You may find it interesting.  I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on them.

It's possible that one doesn't need any kind of mental condition to have visions.  I remember something my father once told me about the Loch Ness Monster, how if you stare at the Loch long enough trying to see Nessie, you'll see her, even if it's just a seagull or something.  Essentially, your brain creates an optical illusion based on your desires.  Also, many religious leaders who claim to have these visions claim to have them when they're wandering the desert, suffering from hunger and thirst.  Surely the combination of extreme heat, hunger, and thirst also plays a role.

Not to mention, good ol' fashioned bullshit.


Mormon leaders claim to be prophets. Yeah, right.

If your point is that there are alternative ways to reproduce the type of brain functioning that  creates religious hallucinations, I agree.  Entheogens are yet another way.
That's precisely my point.  You should write a book on this stuff.
I hope to eventually.  If I get a lot of subscribers on YouTube, that could indicate that there is a market for a book.

Not in the conventional sense, there isn't. I was published several times over in the 90s but now unless you're a major name, getting into the printed market is nigh on impossible.

Getting onto Kindle and iBooks, now there's a different matter - not to mention more accessible for small publishers.

Thanks for the information about that.  I'm open to new methods (hence my YouTube approach).
Well, even if you don't get the number of subscribers on youtube that you want, I still hope you write a book on this.
I'd have to agree. Youtube attracts a particular demographic - not perhaps the people you're reaching out to.




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