I have read that some scientists feel the first sex was hermaphrodite and females and males came after that.


Anyone have any info on this.  Have more question, later.  At work.  lol

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I feel pretty embarrassed now. I looked up the list at the Project Steve website, and saw I made a mistake. The name is Stephen, not Stephan.

Stephen Bruce Goodwin
Adjunct Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, Purdue University
Ph.D., Genetics, University of California, Davis
Author of more than 35 articles in 12 refereed journals

But it's all good!


Wow, and here I was thinking my name wasn't that common, and here is someone with a near identical name in biology.  Of course, I'm no PhD, and I definitely didn't work with plants.  I worked with invertebrates working in evolutionary genetics...

NCSE is still accepting names of scientists named "Steve", or variation (I see several Stephans on the list). It looks like their Steve-o-Meter was just updated today, too, and stands at 1164. Of course, you have to accept the theory of evolution to get on the list!

Sadly, I'm neither a scientist nor am I named Steve, so I'm not eligible to be immortalized on a t-shirt.


Hydras spring to mind.  They're hermaphrodites.  I'm sure there was a precursor to them, though.


If I had to start spinning wildly, I'd guess that asexual budding (or something similar) may have been a precursor to the early gamete system that Stephen mentioned.  I can't quite visualize the progression, though.

Getting back to the original question I looked up "hermaphrodite" just to be sure:

"In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes"

So were there organisms that had both male and female reproductive organs before the sexes evolved apart from each other? Am I understanding the question correctly?




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