Creationism vs. evolution seems to be a huge factor in the reasons why our loved ones and dear friends do not accept critical thinking, reasoning, the age of the universe, and the beginning of life in water or probably mud. Being rational in presenting an atheist view does not change minds and behaviors. What is it about evolving from primates that is so distasteful to them? 

It seems that they would have to give up too much, religious people share the belief they exist to have dominion over all the swims, crawls, and flies. Men want to maintain their supremacy over women; women want to maintain their dependence on men. Male and female benefit from their assigned roles. Religious find meaning and purpose in the values of dogma handed down from ancient tribal people. Males can dominate women with impunity because the traditions sanction such attitudes and behaviors. Females submit partly because child-bearing, and rearing requires dependence on others. 

Anxiety exists in both male and female because of their roles. Some males aren't in control of their wives and children and do whatever it takes to achieve command. Some females aren't helpless and dependent and sometimes have qualities of leadership that males need and lack. Anxiety rises because of the assigned roles. 

Men and women live in a state of innocence, of a lack of volition and purpose to think beyond tradition. It is easier to think and act in ways prescribed by holy scripture, and they claim distinction through their assigned roles. Men and women just exist. They claim to be innocent as they pursue ineffective and inefficient roles. 

At some point, men and women need to grow out of roles into mentally healthy, mature adults. To do so, they have to forsake innocence and take responsibility.  

"Be patient.""Be tolerant." "They have a right to their opinions."

Why? Who benefits by being patient and tolerant? NO! people do not have the right to their opinions if they interfere with my rights and yours.  

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