How do I respond to that?

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haha, depends on the breakfasts in bed/predator ratio. If it increased your chance of getting laid by 3 times, but attracted light-saber-tooth tigers 6 times faster then you're in trouble. But if it only increased your chance of being eaten by 10% but your chances of breakfast 200% then.... actually then you'd be so fat you couldn't outrun the tiger. So you better make sure you have lots of sex before it arrives.
Actually the argument goes something like this, but I take umbrage because I have not looked it up specifically for this post.
Generally for things like the bird of paradise long tail -- Zahavi's argument that gets a lot of kudos in The selfish Gene is that it is precisely because the tail is a handicap that is becomes selected. It is a form of honest signaling. It says look have long I have stayed alive even with this impediment -- so imagine how fast I must be to get away from predators? Wonderful theory, I love it becaue it is so paradoxical.


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