Siberian cave lions went extinct about 10,000 years ago but the remains of two cubs of the species were found frozen last year in the permafrost of Siberia. A Korean scientist who is already at work attempting to clone a woolly mammoth obtained a tissue sample from one of the cubs and hopes to use it to clone a member of the species. Per the article

The Siberian Times reports that South Korean cloning scientist Hwang Woo-Suk plans to clone an extinct Siberian cave lion, using tissue samples from one of a pair of the animals found preserved in permafrost last year. The two prehistoric big cats were infants when they died, their remains estimated to be some 12,000 years old, found in a cave in Yakutia, a part of Siberia also called the Sakha Republic….Woo-Suk, already pursuing the resurrection of a woolly mammoth, got his samples after a dispute over tissue sample size was settled via compromise between the Korean and Siberian scientists.

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Heh, awesome.  You think we'll do anything of the sort with the huge number of species of mega-fauna that humans wiped out, when they arrived in North America and Australia?

I have serious doubts about humans being able to repopulate areas with mega fauna.  It's a matter of providing environment for animals that large.  We can't even properly sustain populations of fish, butterflies and bees, etc.     

We have zoos.

True.  I wasn't thinking along those lines.  I was picturing roaming animals in a natural environment much like bison or bear.  I guess Ammon Bundy wouldn't appreciate a woolly mammoth trampling onto his farm. 

Yeah, bringing back giant land sloths in great numbers seems like a rather bad idea, too.  Those things must have been dangerous as hell.  We could try to clone some species that interest us, though, if we can get enough samples of their DNA to help mitigate the inevitable genetic bottleneck.

Most of these animals could probably be handled in captivity.  Hell, we manage plenty of great cats, gorillas, rhinos, and other very dangerous animals.




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