Some interesting comments on that discussion that I wanted to respond to - but it's gone, so I've started another discussion to continue....

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Help! Where have all the responses gone? We can't carry on an intelligent conversations without checking back to old comments. What happened to them? Do you/ anybody  know?

Hmm, I'm still seeing all the messages here Joan. Hopefully that was only a momentary glitch? I'm glad these posts are still here, especially considering this is the second time around for most of them (I never did get my original post back thanks to Charles...). I also see that I had posted my paper here for you Joan, did you ever manage to give it a look?

I think they were deleted in the other discussion.

Joan Denoo

Help! Where have all the responses gone?

I feel sad in my mind that several of good discussions that I have posted have gone begging for answers since I joined AN. Recently, I posted two discussions one after the other, one a really good one and another a not so good one. The good one had 4-5 replies before it died down and then somebody wanted to lambast me for the not so good one! 

Madhukar, I don't know if the threads I seek have been deliberately or accidently deleted but it does not serve my purposes to not have them available. If they need to be archived, we could be informed and know where to find lost material. 
If deletions occur because someone doesn't like comments, that is censorship and has no place in a public forum. Ruth used sound judgment and procedure for disrespectful comments. I am sure you, Madhukar, use respectful language, even as you correctly state your opposition to something. 
If something is worthy of comment, I would persist. When someone tries to "shut me up" it may be because they have a problem with learning about reality. I have a problem with apathy. So who wins if you stop? Who wins if you persevere? 
I welcome those who want to block me, to do so.  

For those who want to disagree with me, do so. 

Those who want to change my behavior, I encourage them to say so, and the choice comes to me as to whether I want to be silent or want to continue.

Your issues have value to you and you need to act on your values. If you get enough information to convince you that you need to change, it is up to you to decide. Until then, WRITE ABOUT YOUR ISSUES. 

Joan I also sometimes have trouble finding things on here - I can't remember where it was said - or I mis-remember - or I just keep missing it - or I have so many emails that I just can't find anything - or the post was such a long time ago that I must search and search leaving me open to missing stuff - it's impossible!

I haven't looked hard, but it would be good if there was a universal search with which we could search for our past posts.

It's possible that we can do a search of our email's in sent and received items for key words and that may assist in finding copies of post comments???

You have another issue here of fearing that your words are being censored - I hope that they are not - and in my experience of A/N I have not heard of this happening - apart from after long discussion - or if someone who's feeling a bit irritated deletes their discussion along with all others posts with it.

Alice, yes, I understand the difficulty following strings and it is what it is. The situations to which I am referring were submissions of mine that I saw in strings and they were gone. Perhaps you are correct that someone deletes their comment, does that take mine out as well.  I write what I want to reveal about myself and my opinions. I am not playing games. Silence does not solve problems. 

Well, the good part of this is, I can just write more often. Oh! Gosh! isn't that good news! 

And I am not saying I am censored. I was referring to, "If deletions occur because someone doesn't like comments, that is censorship" and I have no reason to believe I have been censored, except I have seen some of my comments published and then later find them gone. Why? to save space? if that is so, tell me. Or the string is too long? Is there any kind of acceptable length of a string? 

At first I thought I was not clicking on "Add Reply", so made specific effort to see that it was published.


I'm curious as to why this happened - the thread we are now on was started by me - BUT most of it was copied and pasted from my email record of the previous discussion of the same name - that was entirely deleted by the originator of that discussion because he fell out of favour with how things were going.  We managed to salvage some of the posts but not all.

Bummer! I really like the history as represented by the old strings.  I have noticed that just above the Reply space there is "View 208". Where are they? It is not only on your string, it seems to be notification of an archival strategy. Do you know how to recover the older comments? I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. 
Well, what is, is, and I will survive. It's just more fun to pick up on threads before answering a recent one. I have found that I contradict myself ... what else is new?   

Madhukar - It is quite a law of chaos which discussion is taken up and which is not......  even when they are taken up - off topic issues whisk them away.... :)

Joan / Alice,

I sometimes feel at a loss to understand what the atheists want. Evolution of civilisation is subject that is part and parcel of human evolution; the biloogical evolutuon is another part that puts us on the level of non-human animal life and evolution of civilisation is one that raises us above animal level. No atheist seems to take any interest in such subject. Isuues of less importance, including some raised by me, get more attention. I can't understand the atheist concerns.

If you now say that our replies are getting deleted without our knowledge then that very much annoys me.

Madhukar, I don't know if the threads I seek have been deliberately or accidently deleted but it does not serve my purposes to not have them available. If they need to be archived, we could be informed and know where to find lost material.

Now if you are saying that our replies are getting deleted without even consulting us, and if it is true, it is a terrible kind censorship! My impression is that one can delete only one's own material and not of somebody else. I will have to remain alert.

Madhukar, I suspect that comments are being archived, because I see a notice at the top of some strings say, "View 806" or some other number. I suspect this is the number who viewed the comment or who may have made their own comments. I have asked others about what what "View" means and have not received a reply. It makes sense to archive, but I sure would like to be able to retrieve old messages so that I can remember what has been stated at earlier times. 

I respect and like Alice so very much and her attempt to draw out "peace and love", but I am not at that stage of development, yet. I write far too harshly and don't want to disrupt her flow. I have even advised her to block me if I am too harsh; I don't think she ever has. I make my vitriolic comments on other sites, but sometimes I forget and say things on her site that are not appropriate.

As to erasing others' comments; I have done that on Facebook when threats came to me on one of my strings. I have also blocked those I find offensively threatening to me. On one occasion, Ruth blocked an inappropriate fellow and she did so in the interest of civil discourse on her string. I respect Ruth for that. If I am violating SOP when I erase other's comments on my strings, I need to be educated. 

As to your statement, "I sometimes feel at a loss to understand what the atheists want"; each one of us comes from different experiences, beliefs and values.  I, for example, have a lot of anger I am working off, and I think my strategy is working. I have turned a lot of people off by my ranting. So? Get over it! I need to rant and others have the power to Delete and/or Block. I certainly use those buttons if I don't want to read any more of their stuff. 

We are not riding on space ship Earth to please everyone. We have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, mouth to speak, brain to think critically and then act according to our best wisdom. For those who say I should stop being angry or afraid, my response is, "I am angry and afraid"; The things I do helps to clarify and understand the sources of my feelings. When someone tells a battered wife to get rid of her anger and fear, my response is, "You idiot!" Anger is her best friend and will be the energy she needs to make decisions she needs to make." (Oops, "idiot" is a judgment word; so I am not perfect.)

As for my concerns as an atheist, I recognize that ABCTVs: Attitudes, Beliefs, Customs, Traditions, and Values are learned; many are unhealthy and hurtful and need to be reconsidered. Certainly such harmful ABCTVs should not be ignored, but should be confronted, at the time, and powerfully. 

Each writer has his/her experiences from the past that intrude on the present and can impact his/her future. I do others no service to remain silent in the face of harmful ABCTVs. Although I am not the owner of truth, I experience the effects of others and therefore have a responsibility to reflect back to them what has been harmful for me. 

To be clear, specific, concrete, descriptive, non-blaming, non-judging, non-threatening, honest, compassionate, respectful and civil, I have the responsibility to speak my truth. 

So do you!




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