Some interesting comments on that discussion that I wanted to respond to - but it's gone, so I've started another discussion to continue....

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Madhukar - the world is not a fixed place - and we are all fully determined to do what we do - as atheists we are no more or less human than anyone else - or more or less animal for that matter.  We all have our day to day - fetching of water and the collecting of wood - metaphorically speaking.

What are we here for?  Well, everyone has their own ideas about that.  Why are we here?  Well because of evolution.  What should we do now that we are here?  Well everyone has their own ideas on that also.  Atheists are notoriously known as being like cats - you can't herd cats - they tend to scatter.  So don't bother trying to herd them into a corner to discussion something - they will run in all directions and say the opposite of what you wanted to hear.

We are all in such different paradigms.  Madhukar I wonder if you would get much more understanding from Naturalism?  Do you have a Facebook account?  As there are some very active Facebook groups on Naturalism - that are very interesting and I think you would enjoy participating.  Naturalism talks of the nature of reality and how we can best gain power and control of our lives based on that reality.

The group for naturalism based in India may be of great interest to you personally - also the american based one is very active - I am on all of these groups.  The Atheist Nexus naturalism group is not very active currently.


Nirmukta - Promoting Science and Freethought in India

For more information about Naturalism as a world view see:


Atheists are notoriously known as being like cats - you can't herd cats - they tend to scatter.

Comparing atheists with cats is amusing but just that. Being an atheist myself, having pride in atheism, it becomes difficult to accept that atheists can be as disorderly as cats. There is an atheist group called "Pune Freethinkers" herein my city and only two days back I have appealed them to join A N. I do not know what response I get there, but even if only one of them joins eventually, I would like him to see a better picture of international atheists.

The reference to Atheists as cats is directly from one of Hitchens books - Letter's to a young contrarian - in which Hitchens quotes others regarding this phrase and agrees with it.

Madhukar - have you ventured onto the Facebook groups yet?  I think you would find it very interesting.


I have registered on Fcebook but have not much ventured on it as I find it a bit tedious and uninteresting.


I am not just quite aware of Nirmukta, but I am a member of it. In fact, I registered with Facebook because I wanted to become a member of Nirmukta. Pune Freethinkers is a part of Nirmukta. I am a member of Pune Freethinkers and the members there belong to my city Pune. I presently want to increase my activity within this group, rather than in Nirmukta. Nirmukta will take some more time to mature.

Madhukar - sounds good... :)


May I request you for some information? I understand that you are a member of a local atheist group. How local is it? Does it belong to your city, state or the entire Australia? How many members does it have?

I hope you will not mind.

Madhukar - we live in a big city in Australia - so we attend a few different meetings locally in our city - the ones of this side of the city - it's too far to attend meetings on the other side of the city.  Last night we attended a dinner at a local hotel - there were around 20 in attendance.  There are about 50 or more who I see at meetings on a regular basis.

Madhukar, incredibly uninteresting until you thin out the ones who report they woke up or are going to bed. It is very difficult to get a challenging discussion going, but when you do, it is a treasure. I wrote about politics and religion and of course raised hackles in some people, even began getting threatening phone calls at home. I left Facebook for a while, but missed the people with whom I had developed good discussions and went back, with a tougher skin and determination to let go of the hostile ones and nourish the ones who had an opinion to share and discuss.  




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