The acidophilic hyperthermophiles saw they were the pinnacle of life. For years and years, they strugled with the environment, predators, and some other comodities that came on rare ocations. But somehow, they managed. After incontable years, they became aware of their surroundings. Saw that everything was fit to alow them to survive. A new form of awareness took place and replaced their intrincate and painfuly aquired survival instinct. The sulfur around was something to praise every day, for they could not live without it. In the depts, they started to praise the flame, that very flame that gave away an environment in which to flourish. pH (measure of acidity), pressure, temperature, salinity, everything was so perfect! They recognized it as a primal force benevolent enough to design a place in wich they could thrive. Soon, they understood that very force made the universe to acommodate to their needs.

It was so obvious: The universe was made to fit to their needs! Their maker surelly made them in their image and likeness.

That's a little tale I use to say when confronted with the inevitable creotard who insist that the universe was made to acommodate to our needs. They fail to understand the problems of the environmental needs for each organism. But that's not all. Sometimes, there comes one who, as if it was the supreme and ultimate argument, proclaims that the universe as a whole, was designed and fine tuned to alow life, whereas it existed in sulfuric acid or in the rarificated near strata in the everest. That fine tuning they use as if it was a nightmare for us, who endorse evolution and science, on any level of course, since I'm not a biologist nor am I versed in a complete understanding of science, other that the one I learned at college and then some, by myself.

"The protons, electrons, all mater is so fine tuned to alow life, to permit the very existence of matter in any scale. Sure you can't deny that there must be a designer or creator who made the unverse the way it is"

"How can you explain that fine tuning? If the universe came to be as it is at random, then it shouldn't be as fine tuned as it is now. Anyone can see that! for christ sake!"

The inevitable grin appears in my facade, the moment I say something like this: "True, the universe appears to be fine tuned. But, since we are aware of this given that we live into it, how can we be sure that, in the distant pass, and only if the universe had a beginning, over the aeons there weren't hundreds, if not millions of trials and errors until an universe whit that fine tuning came to be? We know of it's present incarnation for we live now, into this universe. But for all I know, there could have been bazillions of trials beforehand, until the conditions came to be, and there is no way we could know about the past experiments in universal genesis...

Most of the times, they don't even understand. They only repeat their mantras about fine tuning and benevolent beings. As if they truly had the brains of a acidophilic hyperthermophile.

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The simple point is that the universe is not fine tuned for life, but that life adapts to the conditions of the universe.
True, but the way they talk about fine tuning is about the idea that the 4 fundamental forces of nature are so fine tuned in the way that electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces are set in a way to aloud the very existence of matter in the first place, that same matter that asembles itself to form planets, stars and living beings...
They see it backwards, it is really funny to hear their arguments sometimes, I love the puddle example that Dawkins uses; a puddle is in a hole and thinks to itself: see how this hole fits me perfectly, it fits into all of my nooks an crannies and follows my curves exactly.

PS: it's allow, not aloud. aloud means at a high volume while allow means to enable.
I like this analogy even better:

However tall you are, your legs are fine tuned for your feet to reach the ground.
lol, thanks! You see, english is not my primary language, but that's not a valid excuse, so I'll see to fix it.

yeah, that analogy is better, and shorter!




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