More discoveries in evolution

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It's the only news source I read these days. Too little time. But this one seems like good research (on the face of it.)
If only that were 100% true. Their religious coverage can be quite nauseating... and then try complaining about it!

From a science standpoint though, I'd have to agree.
OO OO... Do you know something juicy? Come on Harley, spill it.

[rant mode]
It'll be about bloody time those overpaid hypocrites at the top were ejected.

Every time they get fined (by OFCOM) it's OUR MONEY....
[~rant mode]
Amen to that brother... oh wait...
Nothing alive on earth makes any sense except in the light of evolution - or something like that. True though.
Someone will attribute it correctly for us, I'm sure. Pretty wise words.

Nothing in Biology Makes Sense except in the Light of Evolution
Theodosius Dobzhansky
The American Biology Teacher, Vol. 35, No. 3 (Mar., 1973), pp. 125-129
Fascinating, most like an insect respiratory system...and then gills .


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