Fossil find in Wales excites scientists

I got a mental block, make up your own jokes here.

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Not Michael Douglas's corpse is it? I knew Catherine Zeta was a bit on the young side for him.

OK, this is my fifth article this morning.  I need a life.

I got a mental block, make up your own jokes here.

 I need a life.

Jesus can give you a new life.

Note: this is not my joke and the guy who told me this was not joking. I hope I don't get banned for this joke. It's just that I've been going to church for the past year now. Not church church but just out the back doing cooking and washing up etc. in the kitchen for the homeless. And people tell me all this weird stuff. 


As long as you make clear that it's a joke I think you'll be fine.

Cool article Chris! Thanks for the post!

At least they didn't say "baffles". 




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