So a while ago,  I put up a discussion
here on the "origins" group, that was kindly "stickied"  which consisted of 10 lectures from Stanford University all regarding the legacy of Charles Darwin

A lot of the comments focussed on how much people said they got out of the educational material on offer.

Subsequent to this I was introduced to a website called "Academic Earth"

Same basic idea, but much broader in scope.

Ivy League Universities have been filming their courses and uploading the materials to the web And it's ALL FREE

As An Atheist Who Loves Science, I now spend an inordinate amount of time learning about physics from a chap called Walter Lewin who teaches at M.I.T

And will frequently stick on of his lectures on before bed because I am such an irrepressible geek.

Classical Mechanics

Electricity and Magnetism (including the physics of lightning and rainbows!!)

Sometimes the maths flies a little bit over my head, but I've long since stopped caring, and actually it's helped me improve a little bit, with repeat viewings I feel like I've understood more than not.

But the point is there is SO MUCH here, Special Relativity and Quantum Physics with Leonard Susskind, for example -but if physics isn't your thing, why not nip on over to organic chemistry  at Yale or take in a lecture on genetic drift or speciation

Go explore - share what you find!   A little bit more science never hurt anyone.


P.S I'm cross-posting this with Atheists who love Science

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Thanks for posting, this site is great!
An awesome find! Thanks.
Great post, thanks!
This is great!! Thanks!!
An en mass reply:

Thank you all.

I'm glad to have helped it to find an audience here at A|N and you've all found it useful on some level.

Any favourite lectures yet?

As you could probably tell I'm rather partial on improving my physics but I also recommend the Shelly Kagan lecture on Death (very useful for dismantling the arguments of dualists or people with silly ideas about souls and life after death) and the Harvard lecture series on Justice, with some good angles on some classic philosophical quandaries.

I found a lecture series on Milton's Paradise Lost on there. I have a copy, always meant to read it, might do it in conjunction with the lectures, we shall see..
I'm taking the "intro to astrophysics" far so good. It's great brain excercise! I am also watching "the new testament as history". It's a great compliment to two Bart Ehrman books I recently read. I wasn't able to afford College, so I've become somewhat of an autodidact. I just want to learn as much as I can. I have 3 or 4 other lecture series queued up once I finish these 2. This is such a valuable resource. Again, many thanks!!
Intro to astrophysics. Cool! I'll add it to the list!
Thanks a lot for posting these.
Happy to share. :-)




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