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The convention in Melbourne was really great to attend.  All the speakers had something different to offer.  The most surprising might have been Sam Harris managing to get 4,000 atheists doing Buddhist mediation.  I thought I was at the wrong convention for a moment.  Sam changed his talk to discuss Death.  It was useful and thought provoking.

There was lots said about teaching religion in schools, and funding religious schools.  There was lots said about morals being human and not god given.  About the need to have more women leading in the movement.  About acting on violence and harm caused to children - genital mutilation, that has been overlooked for fear of seeming Islamaphobic.

Would love to hear others thoughts and reports - so we can reflect on what we've gained from the Melbourne convention. 

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Wish I could have been there, but i live around the other side of the world.

I have not been able to find videos or transcripts of speeches. Do you know of any emerging?  Please keep us informed if you find good source materials. 

Interview with one of the young speakers from 2012 convention:

Alister McGrath - ex-atheist has his piece to say about the convention - I notice that he seems to look down his nose the whole tube...

PZ Myers talking at 2012 convention - low quality tube but you can get the idea - talks about women in atheism...

GAC Melbourne 2012 Question to Ayaan Hirsi Ali

GAC Melbourne 2012 Lawrence Krauss talks about Hitch

Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris & Ayaan Hirsi Ali - 2

Global Atheist Convention Melbourne 2012 - debate

Global Atheist Convention 2012 Four Horsemen Conversation - Part One




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