Do we atheists need to slow down sometimes? Do we need someone to put on the brakes, as it were?

There is a term I remember from the military. Go fever. It meant not slowing down until the mission was achieved. But there was always someone around, a curmudgeon, as it were, to kind of bring us up short, and slow us down. And it was necessary.

So as atheists, do we have "go fever"? Constantly on the push against organized religion? Do we occasionally need to slow down?

And is it part of the religious, particularily fundamentalists, to bring us up short? To make us take the time to prepare better, become more rational, thoughtful, slow down, step back and take a breath before re-engaging. Their Yin to our Yang? Or vice/versa.

In other words, do we need each other in some perveted way, or am I totally out there, whacked, drinkin' the kool-aid? Are we stronger because of each other, weaker, or neither?

As always, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Oh, and if you think I do need help, just refer me to an institution that will let me watch Dr. Who, as it helps me stay sane???

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I really don't care one way about another about religion, unless it starts treading where it doesn't belong. That battle's far from over.

"Groups that are in the minority tend to take pride in their persecution, an "us against them" mentality that tends to strengthen them on a more intimate level. Does this seem to apply somehow?"

Not here… But then, I spent most of my life in Canada, and never felt as if I was in the minority.

Yes, I think people are bringing up good points. It is the religious side that sets the tone, speed, fever, whatever you want to call it. Atheists simply react as oppose to act. Again, we have nothing to "act" books, no doctrines, no deities, no nothing. But we have lots to react to. 

My wife thinks I have GO fever everytime I get on the Kiseido GO server for 3 or 4 hours of playing GO!  Just another one of my bipolar obsessions-and yes, we do need each other-there are a lot of zealots who think we've already been on this planet too long!




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