Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life - David Attenborough

Confined to quick access to the bathroom, too weak to do very much physical activity, I have a most pleasant alternative to watch old documentaries available on the Internet. Of special pleasure is David Attenborough.


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Hang in there, Joan.  Couldn't have a better companion whilst recovering that David Attenborough, IMHO.

Stephen I agree. 

God demoted- I used to know a Christian who would agree with this. His IQ may have been 145, and he had earned 2 MA degrees from UCLA (economics and education). He had schizoaffective disorder, and had been in a mental hospital for 9 years once. He never worked a day in his life, and was 65 when I knew him. He said two things about his religion. First, he couldn't argue with the book that lays out the case that Jesus Christ was a paranoid schizophrenic. Second, he said that although he believes in what he's supposed to, he sees things that don't make any sense. In other words, at the age of 65 he was struggling with the question of why god allows evil.

He felt that the highest level of thought was research, the discovery of new knowledge. I disagree. I think that there's a wealth of false information out there to discover. Being able to correctly question your own knowledge is more valuable, and I believe higher. In the open field, anybody can make a bad jump. You are prone to making a bad jump if you are on bad footing to begin with. Only atheists are on solid footing, and we look down upon all others and their lower forms of thought. Despite an IQ of 145 and two master's degrees from an elite university, his level of thought wasn't high enough to free him from the shackles of the brainwashing scam he's been suckered into his over the course of his whole life. Even in the face of conflicting evidence, which demotes god, showing how there is no possible way god could be legitimate, he still can't make a simple judgement call. An elementary judgement call. A low level of thought that even a mildly retarded person can rise above. Pathetically simple logic. And everybody other than the explicit atheist is below this extremely low bar.

Get well soon

I hope you get better soon, Joan! AND you can look forward to the end of your chemo series!

Best Wishes  

and we look forward to many more years of your informative postings in this forum.   

Thanks to each of you for your well-wishes. Life is worth the effort!

This one was especially enjoyable, he presented it so well and though nothing particularly new was shown, it was told exquisitely. I loved the tree with "I think"...excellent!


I know many will scoff but VERY high on my list of favorite movies is Master and Commander. The perfect blend of adventure and science. It's fictional of course but it is also quite a good tale of the 'goings ons' of the time.


Get well, ok?

I also like David Attenborough's nature documentaries which have been running for a very long time. He explains Darwin in layman's terms and was not otherwise controversial until recent times. In Australia he is fondly called 'DA' being his initials and also the brand name of a bottled beer called 'Dinner Ale'. He has also been parodied by a comedian called David Rabbitborough who imitates his voice and mannerisms in explaining Australian caricatures.

He is a friend of Richard Dawkins and is sometimes described as an Agnostic but hasn't quite come out as an Atheist. In recent times he has called humanity a plague on the Earth in relation to over-population and the Earths limited resources. This article will probably interest you.

David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth

I wish you a comfortable recovery.


Thanks for all your great suggestions. Some are new to me, and I am eager to give them a try. Watching these great documentaries and stories help me resist overdoing in the garden. I am as content as an old mama cat sitting by a fire. I have only six more radiation treatments, and then seven months of chemo every three weeks. These are a piece of cake. I have been alerted to the fact that fatigue will be my only issue until these treatments are complete. I can handle that, easily.




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