The words: "so help me god" that were once mandatory for cadets to say at the end of their Air Force Academy Honor Oath are now optional. Per The article:


The words were made optional after a complaint from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an advocacy group, that they violated the constitutional concept of religious freedom....Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, welcomed the change but questioned how it will be applied. If the person leading the oath includes the words, cadets who choose not to say them might feel vulnerable to criticism, he said. "What does it mean, 'optional'?" Weinstein said. "The best thing is to eliminate it.".... "The Honor Concept" on the Naval Academy website includes similar proscriptions against lying, cheating and stealing but includes no religious reference.

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Removing the phrase, "so help me god" is good news, though I am completely with Military Religious Freedom Foundation president Mikey Weinstein when he says:

"What does it mean, 'optional'?  The best thing is to eliminate it."

This is really good news seeing whence it's issuing. 

Let it spread, let it spread----to the law courts and everywhere. 

I endorse the no religious reference! 

At least its a step in the right direction.




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