I was on facebook, my religious friend posted H.G. Wells
the outline of history with these bullet points.

-However numerous a downtrodden class may be, and however extreme its miseries, it will never be able to make an effective protest until it achieves solidarity by the development of some common general idea.

-All this has arisen from want of mutual love. If but one virtue could be made universal, the princes loving one another would have no battle fields; the chiefs of families would attempt no usurpations; men would commit no robberies; rulers and ministers would be gracious and loyal; fathers and sons would be harmonious and easily reconciled.Men in general loving one another, the strong would not make prey off the weak; the many would not plunder the few, the rich would not insult the poor, the noble would not impose upon the simple.

-It was not merely a moral and a social revolution that Jesus proclaimed; it is clear from a score of indications that his teaching had a political bent of the plainest sort. It is true that he said his kingdom was not of this world, that it was in the hearts of men and not upon a throne; but it is equally clear that wherever and in what measure his kingdom was set up in the hearts of men, the outer world be in that measure revolutionized and made new.

Please discuss. I'd love to hear what everyone here has to say about this.

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