Here's one for you. My MP is Roman Catholic - for the most part this is not an issue since he actually agrees on many secular values and describes himself as being on the "liberal side" of his faith.

I'm not sure that's really possible since religion is typically intransigent in such matters, but let's put that aside for now.

Outgoing MP Anne Widdicome, now Roman Catholic I believe, was also a strong god-botherer and many sitting MPs are of the same persuasion; our current PM being one of them. Widdicome demonstrated on TV before leaving the "house" that if she disagreed (personally) with anything a constituent(S) said she would vote it down.

This is democracy, apparently?

There are a lot of people of faith out there - but here's a question for everyone - how do we bypass a system which is biased against us: in some cases that bias is hidden behind closed doors.

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Hi Marc,

I am never sure how they can say their faith doesn't interfere with their politics when the two are so intertwined.

One thing I can think of is to make what they believe in transparent. They shouldn't have it both ways. They let their faith influence them but then they want their faith to be private. They should have to pin their beliefs to 'the mast'. I understand that AtheismUK has done just that. They contacted every politician and asked them what their beliefs are. I don't know what response they got but I think that it should be a national campaign.

Otherwise perhaps ask them specific questions like "How old is the Universe?" or "Do you accept evolution as the explanation for the variety of species on Earth" or "Should I stone my son to death for continually disobeying me?" etc

I am tired of this airy fairy "I am spiritual" crap. It is time that they explain where they stand.

p.s. Luckily, we don't have to worry about the enigma that is Anne Widdicome. I don't want to watch Strictly Come Dancing and The Vatican is welcome to her.
Hi Marc,

You may be interested in the campaign we are currently running at Atheism (UK), where we have written to all MPs requesting their religious stance, for publication.

Who is your MP, I'll check if we've had a response? If he hasn't responded would you be willing to write to him directly, as he is more likely to respond to a constituent? We can provide a letter and questionnaire, if you like.

My MP is Tom Blenkinsop - sorry I haven't replied sooner, Rupert, I didn't get the notification - something screwy with my "Google" outsourced email. Basted nuisance in fact.

He's a left-wing Catholic - i.e. on the milder side of his church and so far has supported things like evolution. Beyond that, I've written to him personally on this issue specifically.
I found it rather odd that a Catholic priest sat with Bill Maher and discussed how (on a timeline) the development of religion took place some 1000-odd years before science.

Given that, it made me wonder why the guy was still a priest!




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