I post daily atheist quotes on Facebook that are always met with opposition and I certainly dont mind a good debate, but my debating skills aren't the best and I'm usually a warrior instead of a diplomat because I tend to be a little overly emotional about it at times and come across kind of harsh or brash. At this point I'm greatly outnumbered by christians who are friends and family that keep trying to shut me up. anyone interested in adding me on Facebook and joining in the debate my name is Zac Polk and I'm from st. Louis. Id be glad to have you as we are all one big family here anyway. Thanks!!


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Sounds fun to me.  I do the same sort of thing by specifically reading Dawkins and Hitchens books with provocative titles in public.

I do the same.  My wall is covered in 'aggressive' atheism.




/raises hand.  me too...haha


most of my believing friends ignore but I have a couple engage me in a discussion


I'll add you Zac, if you like

I'll add you too.

Which one are you.  I see 4.

i have the same profile pic as this profile. :)

I post daily jokes - usually from my own dark humor; one of the last ones brought some surprising comments. Funny how people react to something which is purely a joke that I made up...*


*which is the sort of thing you can imagine one of the genesis scribes saying if we could drag him into the present day.

I'll add you as well....I'm not sure how much help I'll be personally but if I see a subject posted on that I know a lot about I'll speak up.

thats me

To:  Zac Polk


I was just looking at your Facebook wall and I about died when I saw that Adolph Hitler quote. Would you consider posting it on this thread so others can see it, please? Or they can go see your Facebook (Zac's Facebook address is listed on page one of this thread in a post by David Schwartz).

No Facebook.  Can't see it.  Share please, Zac.




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