I post daily atheist quotes on Facebook that are always met with opposition and I certainly dont mind a good debate, but my debating skills aren't the best and I'm usually a warrior instead of a diplomat because I tend to be a little overly emotional about it at times and come across kind of harsh or brash. At this point I'm greatly outnumbered by christians who are friends and family that keep trying to shut me up. anyone interested in adding me on Facebook and joining in the debate my name is Zac Polk and I'm from st. Louis. Id be glad to have you as we are all one big family here anyway. Thanks!!


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I'll be honest I struggle to tell when Alan is saying something to provoke, or when he actually believes what he's saying.


He isn't always clear in his posts which is part of the mark against him, he's not *trying* to be clear.


But yeah - it's exasperating isn't it?

hi Zac, i would like to ad you on facebook and for any atheist that wants to ad me, you can find my under marinawarro@live.com. i'ts important to be able to express the way we think, and i also started posting atheists videos and pictures on it, so , everybody is welcome on my facebook page and feel free to post , we can desagree with theists and relgious people, but with respect towards them.
sounds fun, i'll add you i could use an atheist voice in my friends.

I was scrolling back through some old photographs today I found one appended with another of my infamous debates with Alan the Half-wit


Anyone looking to pick up tips on arguing nonsense with crazy people might enjoy this one.  I had no end of fun using his own words against him. Make sure you view previous comments to get back to the start.


Happy Hogswatch, folks!


Yet  more nonsense today from Alan the half-wit, my facebook stalker....


In reply to 2 videos I re-posted on FB from Rd.net


This one about tracing language development in Vervet Monkeys - he goes off on some random bilge about parabolas, neurones and intelligence which devolves into him forward his 'radical hypothesis' for telepathy drawn from interviewing schizophrenics.(no really....)


I couldn't make this guy up.



Brian Greene discussing String Theory


- he takes me task for 'higher dimensions' and atheism  by now I'm openly mocking him for his telepathy and parabolas and then he shifts goalposts and claims he never said he believed in telepathy.


Colossal tosser.....




I'll add you too. Please accept accept my request.

And I hope the other atheists in this thread add me too. There's just a few of us atheists in the Philippines.

this is my Facebook Profile link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000632856967#!/profile.php?id=100000632856967

thanks all

I came out of the 'atheist closet' on FB.  Now I am ignored by a lot of friends.  Most are christians on my list, all family members are christians.   So now I am the black sheep.   My responses are very logical, but I never get a debate from anyone.   And I don't care really.      I am baffled that so many people still believe the earth is 6k years old.

will add you Zac
Will add u Zac. Also, try not to get emotional during discussions. We atheists are the rational ones!! Stay strong and keep acquiring knowledge. x, Carolyn

I deleted my first facebook profile because of my bold, and seemingly acrimonious, comments on my page about religion.  I am a minority, went to a predominantly black university, and am from the South...

I am now back on facebook and don't usually post anything at all because my views are drastically different from those that I know.  I haven't even added most of my previous friends again.  So, I know how it feels!  I am confident in my beliefs, but everyone needs someone in their corner. 


I am now back on facebook and don't usually post anything at all because my views are drastically different from those that I know...  am confident in my beliefs, but everyone needs someone in their corner. 


Ha- "amen sister"!!! We atheists/ free thinkers need to stick together!


I use to post on FB stuff from Jesus & Mo: it is so good that, the 'aggressive' catholics become speechless... http://www.jesusandmo.net/


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