British theoretical physicist Peter Higgs and Belgian theoretical physicist Francois Engert shared the Nobel Prize for Physics today (10- 8 -13) for their predictions almost 50 years ago that there must exist a subatomic particle that assigns mass to almost all others. The particle, now known to exist and called the Higgs boson, was confirmed to exist last March. This confirmation was by the 17 mile long subatomic particle smashing Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the Franco-Swiss border. The LHC first detected the particle in July of last year but to an unacceptably low confidence level. Because the Higgs boson assigns mass to almost all other subatomic particles it is sometimes referred to as the god particle.

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I'm really glad that people with intelligence of this caliber are rewarded in some way for their achievements and contributions to human knowledge.  They tenaciously progress forward in the pursuit of truth while so many others of our species choose to stay behind with, literally, ancient beliefs.  My hat's off to them. 

I can't imagine the physics and mathematics it took to understand the POSSIBILITY of the Higgs Boson, never mind what it took to actually discover it.

Higgs and Engert have earned their pay for the week, so to say ... BRAVO!




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