For anyone who wants to discuss Hitler, his morals, ethics, religion, non-religion, his philosophy, and any other idea with the word "Hitler" in it. 

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Nah, I'm good.

Does anybody remember the Narcoleptic Stand-up Comedian character from the old TV show, "Hill Street Blues"? He was hilarious, but couldn't get any work because he refused to change his name, "Vic Hitler".

Played by actor Terry Kiser, best known for his portrayal of the dead guy, Bernie; from "Weekend at Bernie's" and "Weekend at Bernie's II"







This should be fun, a thread that cannot be Godwin'd.

Well then….

  • born in July 1941
  • surname Hitler
  • one given name is Adolfo
  • coincedence?
Where was Mrs. Schicklgruber's grandson in September 1940?

Who is Mrs. Schicklgruber?

Alois Hitler's mom, Alois is Adolf's dad.

Should I know who they are? I'll Google

Oh! interesting! Seems as though their families were in some chaos ... I wonder ... 

Yikes, looks like I stepped into a hornet's nest. 

"As a Usenet discussion gets longer it tends to get more heated; as more heat enters the discussion, tensions get higher and people start to insult each other over anything they can think of. Godwin's Law merely notes that, eventually, those tensions eventually cause someone to find the worst insults that come to mind - which will almost always include a Nazi comparison. "

"it means that somebody's eventually going to say something about the Nazis in any thread that lasts very long. When it happens, the thread is going to start either degenerating into a long flamewar over Nazi Germany or about Godwin's Law. Either way, the thread is effectively over, and you can safely killfile the thread and move on. "

Well, let us see if we can keep this civil and learn as much as we can and toss the rest out into trash where it belongs. Anyone up to the challenge? 

Hitler would have loved you

Smart Dog Video entertainment for The Nothing Channel

Napoleon, you nailed it!

Hitler is history's example of really, really bad ideas - as well as someone with which to compare your adversaries.




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