For anyone who wants to discuss Hitler, his morals, ethics, religion, non-religion, his philosophy, and any other idea with the word "Hitler" in it. 

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I am interested in learning the environmental factors that gave rise to such as Hitler ... he didn't become who he was because of some magic, there were political, economic and probably religious reasons he gained so much power and support of the average citizen. 

He obviously had some personality characteristics that enabled him to rise to the top of the population. What was his genetic pool? His parents relationship? the political environment? economic conditions?  

What economic, political, religious conditions existed in Hitler's time and how is the USA like and unlike those of the 1920s, 30s, and 40x?

Origins: of fascism, their leaders, their cultures, their genetic pools? Are there any Bonobos in human development? 

"Yikes, looks like I stepped into a hornet's nest."

No, …you can't "Godwin" a thread about Hitler, …that's the point.

It's "pre-Godwin'd".

Hitler was an amateur artist.

He served in the German army in WW1 and was wounded twice and awarded the Iron Cross for bravery.

He acquired means, probably through inheritance, after the war. He joined the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) party and soon became it's leader. He honed his oratory skills in the Beer Halls of Munich. It was a recessionary time and the communist party was vying with the S.A for control of the streets, the later, a right wing militia, gave unquestioning loyalty to Hitler and a failed coup was staged by the Nazi's and the S.A resulting in Hitlers trial and brief imprisonment during which time he wrote 'Mein Kampft', his auto-biography.

After his release from prison he decided to follow an electoral path to leadership. His National Socialism became popular among the German people and he was eventually elected to the Bundestag with his party gaining an overall majority and became Chancellor. He then made executive changes to government and effectively became a dictator.

The rest is history.

In answer to your questions Hitler considered himself to be a member of the Catholic church and believed in a supernature and after-life. He appears to have had nothing to do with his Austrian relatives. He states that he loved his mother and respected his father who was a civil servant.

There was the great depression at the time. The savior in the U.S was President Roosevelt and in Germany the savior was Hitler. Both were prepared to spend government money to alleviate hardships experienced by the populations and create employment. In both cases it worked.

That is an odd image: FDR USA's savior and Hitler German's savior. "Both prepared to spend government money to alleviate hardships experienced by the populations and create employment. In both cases it worked."

Today's problems in USA, lack of jobs, closing businesses, mortgage foreclosures, growing gap between rich and poor, religion heavy on the side of republican philosophy, 

OK, given what we know so far, do we have any clues of the ways out of our quagmire? 

It seems to me austerity slows down money flow, thus slowing down recovery.

If we choose a president who responds to present needs, that means "spend government money to alleviate hardships experienced by the populations and create employment". it worked then, will it now?

I think Napoleon squarely nailed it. One thing I would add is, in addition to the Great Depression, Germany was forced to sign the Versailles Treaty. Germany was compelled to accept blame for World War I, and force to pay reparations to the victors; Great Britain, but especially France - upon whose territory was the Western Front. One of the best explanations I've ever heard was done by Stanley Kramer, through Burt Lancaster's character - the jurist Ernst Janning, in the movie, Judgment at Nuremberg.

Pat, so movin; for some being awake and aware touches a nerve that cannot be stilled. 

Notice now deftly I turned Hitler into an Origins topic. Words, just words. 

Here is my personal attempt to explain, why the Nazi ideology was so widely accepted by the German population.  This is from my blog:

What do Hitler and Jesus have in common?

…They're both toast.

Ha ha… wha?

What was it about Germans and Braun that they could make the rocket function? Do you suppose the opposite of rockets and bombs is inferential statistics used to develop a global economy that works for everyone? 




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