Any one out there to inform me on how long in terms of years the first man cohabited on planet earth. Well i understand very well we are products of nature and evolution.

Also i do not believe in Angels and i believe they don't exist, if at all they exist why is it that up to know for centuries we cannot even find a single trace of them.I think coreligionist should stop fooling the masses that these people like creatures with wings do exist or ever existed.

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I always get mixed up with all these figures - my mind just can't seem to absorb the large numbers - and I always seem to get thousands, millions and billions mixed up - I obviously need more study on the matter to make it stick!
It never ceases to amaze me how short a period of time our species has existed. A mere one or two hundred thousand years. We didn't even arrive in Europe until about forty thousand years ago when there were still Neanderthals living here. America didn't get its first people until about only ten thousand years ago. What an incredibly short period of time !
It's something to do with consciousness also I think - although I still haven't gotten around to reading "the bicameral mind" - which I understand gives a good idea of what I'm talking about here...  I actually think our mysticism has to do with our ability to talk.  Other animals just can't come up with this stuff because they can't communicate it - or generate complexity through conversation with others.  Whereas we can.  We can talk about what happened somewhere else and then aim to work it out with each other via communication after the fact.  Something that other animals just don't do.  They tend to live in the moment.  One might remember a danger at a place, but can't communicate it until they are there again, and then might make noise and run away, signalling others to follow.  But we can make abstract plans about future events due to our ability to communicate.  This is more likely the generating of mysticism - along with Chinese whispers of information down the generations and miscommunication and superstitions and other none scientific ways of doing things that lead to us thinking all sorts of things.

We will be able to answer "How long did man or humanity exist on this planet?" when we are able (or foolish enough to try) to answer this one: "When did our ancestors change in a way that allows us to conclude 'These were man or human and their parents were not'?"


An analogous question: When did the collected debris in the third orbit from the sun become the earth?



It was a Thursday.
yes - we're on a continuum -
Well, that and we've narrowed it down to within a 1% margin, I think.  We're pretty damned accurate with our current methods.

The answer to this questions is a function of just how you define "humanity."  If you define it as only anatomically modern humans, the answer is 150,000 to 400,000 years, depending on what evidence you accept.  If your definition includes other subspecies of humans, such as Neanderthals which have contributed to the modern human genone, you would go back several hundred thousand years more.  If you include upright-walking species different from our own, but which are clearly hominids, it is something over a million.  If you include the first ancestral primate clearly differentiated from our ancestral genus, which now includes the chimpanzees and bonobos, the answer is about three million years. 


So, as in so many other cases, the answer to your question is a function of how you ask it.



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