I am somewhat familiar with atheism, but I want to be educated on what science aspects go alongside atheism. I want to be able to properly and intelligently defend my reasoning of being atheist to my religious family. Also, if anyone knows any good books I should read, it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know. Thank you!

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I would highly recommend Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion".  I've also started readin Penn Jillette's "God, No" but it's too soon for me to recommend it.  You could also check out "God and his demons", but all that does is point out the reasons why religion fails as a moral guide.

"God No" is good...with a warning. I like it, in that he writes/speaks in a way you feel "allowed" to disagree with him, if that makes any sense. Also more of a "common" person's book, without going over your head, as I believe many do. The warning part would be the language. People who get offended by words like "fuck" and the such, I recommend to just stay away. The foul language is used a fair bit. Anyone who watches "Bullshit" (a series I'd recommend. Again, you may not agree with it all, but...) knows what I mean.

Kaila G

Your question will help atheists back to their roots.

 what science aspects go alongside atheism

Science is the most modern, strongest, most reliable to atheism. Science doed not work for creating atheism. What help you will need from atheists here and from science will depend on how far you have travelled on the road to atheism.

There are and have been many religions and beliefs about god. Every religion believes that the god or gods of its belief created the universe and life forms. This simply could not be true. Many of the gods so trusted have ceased even to exist. How can we therefore reconcile the many faiths that still exist and make the same old claims? All gods resemble their creators. Look at the ancient gods of China, India, Egypt etc and you will be convinced that they were the image of their creators. The god of Bible, that is, those who wrote the Bible, had therefore become a little wiser for this fact and so they told the believers not to draw any pictures or to create  idols. God has not given humanity any true knowledge, because he himself did not know how to even remove a tooth. God has wholly and totally failed to make this world a good place, a virtuous place, free of vices, injustice, evil. No religion has been able to prove the existance of god or other beliefs like the soul, heaven, hell, salvation etc.

These are a few things you can place before your believer parents. The list could be long.

I am in the same boat you are in. I realized I was an atheist just under a month ago after a couple years of doubting and questioning my previously held beliefs. A video series on youtube really encourged me because it was created by a man who went through a similar experience to mine. His youtube channel name is Evid3nc3 and here's a link to the first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSy1-Q_BEtQ&feature=plcp&con...



Ditto on this recommendation.  The producer of the series is intelligent and astute.  It offers both a scientific and cultural coherent narrative of transition from evangelical Christianity to atheism. 

Just to put in my two pennies Kaila,  (by the way, you share the same name with my great niece)

Becoming an atheist is - just kinda common sense...  You have become more intellectually intelligent, than most of those you call, friends, or family...  

Once you jump...  Just shut up and do it...  We need hard chargers, those that are willing to argue...  Some will argue otherwise; however, I believe superstition, make-believe even, should be aggressively discouraged...  

The bible, is a good start...  Read it completely, especially the old testament...  You will be awe struck...  The good book is enough to sicken your stomach...

From what Matthew Greenberg said about Richard Dawkins is an excellent suggestion...  My personal favorite, is page 4...  Quote from the book...  

" A Gallup poll taken in 1999 asked Americans whether they
would vote for an otherwise well-qualified person who was a woman
(95 per cent would), Roman Catholic (94 per cent would), Jew (92 per
cent), black (92 per cent), Mormon (79 per cent), homosexual (79
per cent) or atheist (49 per cent)."


WTFUCK is all I have to say on the matter...  Most people don't like honesty, or integrity.  Atheists have made a very, non-biased, and intelligent decision...  We don't dream for a better life.  We do it!  I am personally threatened by theists.  I feel theists put my children in danger.  The only thing worse than child indoctrination, is murder.  Hope it helps... 

Hi Kaila
I've often found that religious apologists are somewhat resistant to science arguments. The onus is on them to prove their stance, rather than for you to defend yours. Rather than try to argue your point scientifically ( which of course you can), perhaps a little pre-preparation is good by asking them to consider what they actually beleive first of all. You'll find most Christians have not actually read the bible, but rather rely on the bits that their teachers have given to them. To that end, try C J Werlemans "God hates you- hate him back" . That way you'll be able to display a knowledge of the ludicrous scripture they use in their defence. Then can you use science to evidence a more sensible model of how people and world actually works...


I agree, even though science does make the best source for defending arguments against science. Often it can be the worst source for arguing for atheism, as it affirms one of their oft employed fallacies.

Know what science is, and what it isn't.

Atheism, …isn't science, nor is science, atheism. Science can be useful, but more often then not I see atheists arguing against creationist misrepresentations of evolution with their own misinterpretations of evolution, …often when all they had to do is point out the flaw in the creationist argument (this is where some atheists forget about Okham's Razor, …d'oh!). 

If you're going to argue for science or counter-argue from science, make sure you actually know what you're talking about. 

I answered a similar thread with a similar post here.

If you don't want to read that link, the gist of it is: It's more valuable to learn how to spot and refute logical fallacy than it is to use "science" to refute theism.

After all, if science could actually refute theism, there would be no theist scientists, …and there are theist scientists, …some who are well respected by their peers.

Kaila, I would like to help you out by sending you a complimentary copy of my recently published book Unholy Writ: An Infidel's Critque of the Bible.  As well as debunking the Scriptures, it contains chapters on the history of atheism and the scientific arguments against creationism. You can get more information about it at www.unholywrit.com.  I think it may be of assistance to you as you get on your feet as an atheist.  If you decide that you want the free copy simply email me at tojodro@yahoo.com

Hi Kaila! :)

I agree with the other commentary on this thread. This is a big step for you. Congratulations.  I've also recently come into my atheism. I also live in "Bi-bull Belt" America, and understand the true frustration of living in such a place. Thankfully, I've had the good fortune of going back to college and I am pursuing a Biology degree. Sadly, this does not stop the crazy from piling up on my doorstep, or knocking at strange  hours to have non-sequitor discussions, intended to hold me back from my dream career. Because I recognize this, it keeps me strong and more determined than ever to achieve it. I've read a lot of great books so far to learn about this new aspect of myself, applied Occam's Razor to my formerly held beliefs that I no longer ascribe to, and strengthen my ties with other atheists and skeptics online. My science and math textbooks,(expensive, but awesome) helped quite a bit too. Remember, Cosine of Theta doesn't equal 3 and if there's anything I can offer as far as support or friendship to help you, I'm here. ;) A good friend of mine quoted: "School: The-Anti-Stupid!" I modified it to "Education: the Anti-Stupid!" because we don't have to be in college necessarily to educate our minds, although it helps a lot.

 I think you are already there. You don't need to define your reasoning to people that don't don't reason.

Just say no, I don't believe.




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