Thanks to Ruth Anthony-Gardner
"I just sent this email to my retirement fund.

"I urge you to divest from all fossil fuel related investments, even if it seems to represent an immediate loss of revenue. The latest climate science indicates that business as usual will have us 4°C higher than preindustrail temperatures as soon as 2050, which would be "Hell on Earth" and 6°C by 2100, which is the same temperature as the Permian Extinction. Runaway greenhouse effect is likely to start soon. By 2,300 the Earth would be 12°C higher and our extinction would be guaranteed. Even if you care nothing for the morality of destroying civilization, consider that the value of fossil fuel stock will plummet once the public grasps the reality of Climate Change acceleration due to feedback loops, which scientists know now. 

"Continued holding of a fossil fuel portfolio is deeply immoral, given our new understanding."

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Thank you Ruth and Joan.

I did this when I opened my portfolio. I said no oil companies. Ask for ethical funds. This is a great way to influence policy if enough people are willing to do it. Way more effective than taking over a park. I'd also like a non-confidence box on the voting ballots so they get counted instead of spoiled. Unfortunately it's not likely to happen.

I like your ideas. 


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