Alzheimer's is caused by a buildup of plaque in the brain called beta-amyloid. In those having Alzheimer's the immune system has been unable to clear this plaque from the brain because of the existence of a substance called interleukin-10. By blocking the effects of interleukin-10 in Alzheimer's afflicted mice scientists from USC provided for the immune systems of the mice to clear the beta-amyloid plaque from their brains. The result was a reversal of Alzheimer's disease in the mice. Per the article:


....In the Neuron study, Town and his team used genetically modified mice to show that blocking a substance called interleukin-10 activates an immune response to clear the brain of the beta-amyloid plaques to restore memory loss and brain cell damage. Alzheimer's-afflicted mice in which the immune cells were activated behaved more like mice without the disease in various learning and memory tests....


The study appears in the Feb. 4, 2015  edition of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Neuron.

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Wow.  Put mildly, if this same process can be implemented safely in humans:


Sign me up!

This is on the same level as the polio vaccine!

Think this might help us get a few more books out of Terry Pratchett?

Fantastic! And not a moment too soon! Our care homes are swamped in Alzheimer's patients.




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