Can somebody be intelligent but at the same time make an exception in their logic to remain beholden to their religious beliefs?

It's not rocket science to discredit God and religion. It's simple logic and judgement. Somebody's brain has to be f'ing retarded to accept the Jesus myth.

But you wouldn't immediately know somebody's stupid enough to accept Christianity (or some belief in a deity) because they attempt to accept their religion alone on faith, and otherwise scrutinize everything else.

Problem is, at what point does this not work? I suggest that unlimited intellectual growth is only possible for somebody who doesn't accept bad logic and bad judgement. If somebody is dumb enough to accept beliefs in God and religion, then these beliefs infect their thought processes whether they've deliberately made an exception for them or not.

My cousin is almost 40, with an Ivy League Computer Science PhD. He's a teacher at a prominent university. And he's a Christian. When I ask him if he's a Christian, he admits that he is, but then he immediately follows it up with "but I'm not very religious." So he knows he needs to feel embarrassed for accepting stupid beliefs like this, and by his words he shows his embarrassment is so intense that he tries to excuse himself from the humiliation he is due because of his beliefs. So he's saying, "yes, I'm an idiot, but being an idiot is not a very big part of who I am from day to day." But it shows up somewhere else. He watches kiddie cartoons! LOL!

So is it truly possible to "make an exception" for religious faith and be otherwise intelligent? How intelligent can somebody get? What are the limitations? Where does somebody's stupidity show up when they try to be a "smart" believer?

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I'd say more like a coward.

Or the mechanism of his stupidity is his cowardice.

How many genomes have you cracked?

How many times a week do you pray to Jesus?

And that has what to do with your argument?  You do know who Francis Collins is, don't you?

Francis Collins on Wikipedia

He acquired and applied a skill. That doesn't mean he's intelligent. An atheist scientist would have far exceeded his measly performance. The only reason he's director of NIH is because he's a Bible-thumping Christian, which is why he was appointed by Congress. Being an idiot Christian is popular in American politics.

He was given an opportunity. He took the opportunity and fulfilled the requirements. Opportunities are not earned by merit. They are granted via corruption. Don't give him too much credit for being handed the opportunity to take credit for cracking the human genome.

You don't have to be intelligent to do science?  Are you so much of a snob that you have to call scientists idiots to make yourself superior?  Hint:  Idiots rely on us vs. them and stereotyping to keep themselves from having to think. Congratulations!  Idiot.

Is that the guy they made Pope?


Cracked? I can't even catch one. Gnomes are notoriously tricky to crack.

Amateur.  :)

Aren't genomes those little men they sell in tiny statues that you put out in your graden?




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