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Just awesome, but i read it smells like a mens locker room in there.
Maybe a supply supply mission could bring them some Lysol!

Lysol creates a horrible stench. We depend upon free air circulation to dissipate it. Those fumes might be lethal if they couldn't be completely removed.

Yes Wayne, I don't their quite ready for space tourism just yet! It's amazing how they've managed  so much additional construction. 

Considering the pittance which most space programs operate on financially, I think this is fantastic. Would that we could put some real money into this!
Absolutely Loren. I stand behind Neil DeGrasse Tyson that .5 percent of the US budget isn't enough. We could be achieving unbelievable feats with war on drugs and war on brown people money.

Or hell, maybe if we could get our defense spending down to only what the next 10 countries combined spend:

We could do a lot more useful things with that money.  I'd even settle for something wasteful, like roads and bridges.

That's right, they'd have no problem feeding the world, or settling on the moon!! Having said that, I dread to think of the consequences if Russia or China had the same advantage.

I think about 10 years ago it was the rest of the world combined.

Could be.  I think we've scaled back a little bit, under Obama, in terms of adjusted dollars.  I'd have to look up the numbers, though.  I'm not sure.




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