I just read in the Global Chronical of Higher Education that Iran is now limiting the number of students who can take humanities because they believe "instruction in these human sciences in the universities will lead to
reservations and doubts in religious principles and beliefs."

I am not disagreeing that there is some truth in that. But, really? Human sciences are the ones they are worried about? Not biology, astronomy, geology, etc.

Either way, I am always amazed at people's ability to hold on to religious beliefs dispite clear evidence to the contrary.

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Plus, they'd really like to stick it to us because of our tampering with Iran. I can't fault the logic of Iran investing heavily in defence. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that at some point in the not too distant future, war will come to Iran. I'm just curious as to who will move first.
No doubt Islam is built into Iran's military as well but the military leaders seem more interested in power than religion. I wouldn't put it past them to overthrow the Ayatollah in a coup or just strip him of power and leave him as a figurehead.
everyone seems to talk about Iran and Pakistan as if they're the only backwards, primitive Muslim countries around. The Islamic world's bigger then these two countries and alot of Muslims are always making the point that Americans have such a narrow view of the Islamic world.. sometimes I tend to agree with them.

For me, it's like this. I could care less what they do in their pre-modern society with their stoneage laws, as long as they keep it there where it belongs, and the US government does help the situation with it's marauding in the middle east.

What I care about is what they do here, and to some degree in Europe, where I live. And for some reason, I think if the US left them alone, they'd probably leave us alone.
Ths US obviously. The US has a long history of attacking itself instigating fights to start wars ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9kiWphCXQg&feature=player_embedded ); and from what I can remember, the US has attempted to start this war twice already with speedboats and that other Naval thing that happened. I think what it comes down to is that the US is simply not ready for a war like this, and despite Bush saying that the Vietnam Syndrom is over, it's still with us. That's why they don't want to institute a draft even though two virtual draft bills, "National Service Act" if anyone remembers the particulars of this last decade in history, made it through both houses twice during Bush's reign.



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