This is a very debatable topic, what do you guys think? i think that telling your children that they are going to burn in hell forever if they don't believe in your god is child abuse. give me your thoughts?

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Okay, the obedient, submissive, inferiority thing I sort of get.  Pushing a woman into her place is a very Christian thing to do.

What about the stupid and ugly thing, though?

Or am I reading that wrong?  Is the first bit of your list, the obedient/submissive part, the stuff that you're supposed to aspire to, and the stupid/ugly part is the natural state of women that they need to try to remedy?  And you just lumped those two categories together?

And am I the only one who sees the homosexual overtones in this sort of thing?  Women are these horrible, inferior, ugly things that are sadly necessary to have children.  I think that the men who came up with this paradigm must have had a better appreciation for the male form than they do the female.  And yet, at the same time, they demonize homosexuality.  The guys must have had some serious issues.

I didn't just lump categories together. In a fundy household ANY thing is usefulto break a woman's strength. And the homosexual overtones are clear. But what you'd see most in a male fundy is narcism; they really make themselves believe that everything was made for them and for no one else.

Forcing religion on children is child abuse.  However, the fault doesn't necessarily lie at the door of the parents or sunday school teachers.  A lot of them were brainwashed as well.

My parents were very kind and loving people who did the best they knew how for their children.  They took us to church from infant-hood because they thought it was good for us.

The abusers were the egotistical control freak leaders of the church, starting with Joseph Smith who wanted to kill anyone that wouldn't accept his made-up religion.

Spud, when I was raising my kid with my first wife, neither my wife nor I were anything that you'd call "religious" ... and yet at one point, she talked about getting our daughter baptized.  I instantly said NO.  I wasn't about to go back to a church which would drain us of money and preach at us, never mind force us up way earlier than I would care to be on a Sunday morning, for the sake of raising our kid in teachings which even back then I was strongly dubious about.  A score of years later, my daughter is caring, smart, and driven, having been raised godless.

I was more apatheist back then than atheist ... but part of me knew the score.

That's exactly what I did with my two kids, me and my wife agree in not to get our children baptized because it was something I never believe in, I am a clear example of what a child abuse is through religion. After feel myself an atheist still have some kind of fear and I don't think is normal but in the other hand I see my kid watching terror movies like the exorcist, alone in the dark and when I ask her if she was afraid she simply replay, of what?

Absolutely. I wish I could get the idiots in my family to understand this and stop taking my 6 and 8 year old granddaughters to Sunday school. I tell my granddaughters that religion and god are all made up by grownups to control people and they should not believe in god, but they are all ready brainwashed. They worry about me going to hell. I tell them that hell isn't real and I'm not the least worried about it. I don't want my girls to worry about anything and it really sickens me that they are worried about something that can't possibly happen. ARGH!

I wish I could get the idiots in my family to understand this

I fully share your feelings, Linda :)

Child at small age follow their parents path without knowing wht it is... but they make their own path after knowing right or wrong , One should not force to adopt religion to someone even their parents can't force... it will be understood as a child abuse..!!

My mother thought she was doing the very best by me.. thought she was saving my soul, so without intention I find it difficult to label it abuse.   

It did harm me - the guilt, the internal struggle, the need to mount a rebellion to get away from it.  

It also formed me.  Staring down the festering gullet of religion prompted me to face and embrace my atheism in my twenties.  I have friends who were brought up secular however, who find the whole idea of religion terribly romantic, having never endured it.

Most abuse is done by people who try to do the best, like genital mutilation. The brainwashing many of us experienced is also abuse.  I hope that you'll go on as a strong and happy woman.

Hi Suzanne,

I think you can label it unintentional abuse. My mom thinks I'm "denying" god by being an atheist. I told her I would be denying god only if such a thing existed. You can't deny anything that doesn't even exist.

Although my mom's intentions are the best for me, but whether it actually does me any good is certainly questionable.



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