Many peole bring their children to Church,we did not know after the children growth,what will happen to the them if they would like to be scientists? could they find all answers from God?

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Generally speaking, I would say no. I did find an instance that I don't have much argument against though: I have found quite a few religious people who teach their children that everything we learn comes from God, but they also taught that God made science, and in order to learn God's truth we have to use science, and follow the rules of science.
So if you teach that in order to get your answers from God you have to use science, I don't have much of a problem with that. I'd still rather you cut God out of it, but if you are using science to get your answers, you're OK with me, even if you do think it's God.
yes, I agree with you.
While I do not know the answer to your question, but from my own experience of raising my two children in an atheist home, my daughter, when she was 12 asked me if religion was anything but a crutch for weak people. She remains an atheist. My son, when he was 16, accompanied his girlfriend to church and within weeks he accepted some form of a christian god and now is a fundamentalist minister. As a child I went to church every Sunday and by the time I was 18 I recognized that I had no belief in any form of religion. From my point of view it seems to be up to the individual which way is chosen.
Individual way of each children to choose, I feel puzzled to introduce my daughter what is God. God is adorable in religion, I want to respect religion but not criticise it if I am not qulified to do it.
"God is adorable in religion"!!!!! So you haven't read The Bible or The Koran then?

Why do you want to respect religion? You can respect someone's right to have a faith but you don't have to respect the faith itself.

If you want to know a little more about the books without having to wade through them yourself, a good place to start is here-

The Skeptics have broken the books down into subject matter and it makes for an interesting read. It will only take 30 minutes to lose any respect for these books. I think it is healthy to give an anthropological view of religion but I wouldn't give it anymore respect than that.
Hi,Richard,I tried to read The Bible for many times,only want to know why a lot of people like it ? It is easy to against something excist,but not easy to find reason why it excists ?
or why not dispear? I try to understand this.
Hi Selen,

You have probably read more of the Bible than most Christians!! I think people like the 'idea' of a loving God that has a plan for us all. It gives them a false hope for when things are bad. It is at the core of what faith is about. It is a delusion that is enough for many people. Not for me.

If they really read the Bible, they would discover that he is not loving or righteous. Which, I assume, is why they don't read it.
Don, people lost way to go sometimes, I never believe that God creat the world ,from very little young, but something happened in my life ,changed me, my father passed away in very short days, in order to deplore the same feeling from the religion, I began to discovery the function of religion, some function it has, it gives faith if life can not build,it is complex thing for different people, I am not sure when I will need it ,but now keep distance with it. In this point, I can not destroy it before my daughter,maybe she needs someday. Anyway,it is mental imaginary beings,you are right, thanks.
From what I recall, we get our religion from our fathers - John's experience seems different.

For myself, it's about mental health - nothing more. You're either a sheep or a wolf: and I prefer to be a predator and not the prey.
Indeed he is... or isn't. Our politicians don't really have the balls to stand up to this very small but extremely loud minority.

Clegg has even appealed to those of faith. The prat.
I remember being a Sunday school and them telling me that god could see every thing I did and thought. I would go to hell if I thought bad things or did bad things. I remember being terrified. Its like being scared that a drunk parent is going to come home and beat you because their drunk and in a bad mood. Yes I think its child abuse.
yes,Linda, children be forced to accept some religion, is terrible.




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