Many peole bring their children to Church,we did not know after the children growth,what will happen to the them if they would like to be scientists? could they find all answers from God?

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I remember being a Sunday school and them telling me that god could see every thing I did and thought. I would go to hell if I thought bad things or did bad things. I remember being terrified. Its like being scared that a drunk parent is going to come home and beat you because their drunk and in a bad mood. Yes I think its child abuse.
yes,Linda, children be forced to accept some religion, is terrible.
My experience exactly. Realising what's real has been a slow process, but I'm glad that I no longer have any lingering thoughts about the existence of xtian (or any) god; quite happy to know there's no afterlife, no judgment day, nothing supernatural.
Thank you... Yes, it IS child abuse, plain and simple... To terrify (and thereby limit) a young developing mind can not be viewed and/or justified any other way! There is NO other environment in the world where
that type of fear mongering is tolerated at all, let alone considered "acceptable".
My 2 daughters were raised in an Atheist home that eschewed mythology, magic, ghost, goblins and things that go bump in the night. My 4 grandchildren are also not burdened with religious tripe.
Putting the "fear of god" into children's mind is, in fact, abuse.
That is why they must not have their brains filled with Religious Bullshit before they learn some Science. In that Richard Dawkins is right.
my wife and I agreed that we would not introduce our unborn child to any religion or belief. She is a beautiful woman now with children of her own and many friends. I believe we made the correct decision.
Well done Mr. and Mrs. Boyce, and well said.




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