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When one atheist organization wanted to purchase advertising space on buses, they were charged an additional $30,000 for insurance because of the vandalism that occurred the last time they did it.  When churches buy advertising space, they don't need to pay for the insurance, because atheists respect free speech.  It's hard to ignore the violence of the religious right.  I think about it very carefully before I come out as an atheist to anyone.

You know, sometimes I read something that just doesn't ring true. 

Who is the "one atheist organization"?

What did they advertise?

Where did it occur?

"were charged"?  What organization could have afforded that - yet the assertion is that they did?


Basically, without some way of verifying the statement - I don't believe it.

I belong to several atheist organizations and read all their newsletters, and I simply don't remember which one wrote the story.  I pass on the papers to other people.  Sorry I can't help you.
Actually, it's a good idea to belong to several atheist organizations.  They do good work, some of them litigating to protect separation of Church and State.  Their newsletters are very informative and keep you up to date on diverse topics of interest to atheists.  The Coalition of Reason, the Center for Inquiry, and the Freedom of Religion Foundation all have bought advertising on billboards and/or buses to raise the profile of atheists in our communities.  Litigating and advertising cost money - they need memberships.  Thanks for your critical reading skills, sorry I couldn't give any more details, I'm not a newsletter, I was just posting a comment.

My hat is off to any atheist doing anything to promote acceptance and understanding...

even if it's a mouse click heard in another land.

I googled "atheists insurance bus billboard" and found several sources on the issue.

There were others, not necessarily atheist therefore biased, sites reporting on this too ...


Thanks for looking this up, Elveera, I should have thought to do it myself, but anyway, I don't know how to put urls in my posts, I'm not that computer literate.  I really hated being called a liar, but I guess I brought it on myself because I didn't have all the details.  Still, Paul Howard could have verified the statement the same way you did, and overcome his disbelief without chastising me publicly.  That was pretty mean spirited.  I've just recently come out as an atheist, and this is my first forum experience.  I'll be more careful in the future, some atheists are dangerous, too.
Okay, to put urls in your posts, right click on the url you intend to copy then past, left click on copy, then right click on where you want to paste the url, then left click on paste.  Et voila.  Isn't that magnificent?

If you want to post it into your message as an actual link, there's a tool for it.  If you look at the line of buttons at the top of your text-entry window, the button all the way on the left is for adding links to your messages.  If you click that, you'll get a little popup that lets you enter the link URL and the text you want to appear for the link.  You can just paste in the URL that you copied from the web page, for each spot in the popup, if you don't want to do anything cute.


There are keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting things, which make the process much easier.  CTRL-X cuts (deletes) whatever text you have highlighted and allows you to paste it somewhere else.  CTRL-C copies whatever text you have highlighted but leaves it in its existing place, as well.  CTRL-V pastes it into wherever you have the cursor.  Typically, you'll only use CTRL-C and CTRL-V.

I left a comment at the end of the article on the third link, which I copied/pasted below:

Speak out!


THX $ the link.

Thanks for noting that, Gary.  I left a comment there, too.
No problem Cheryl, thank you for bringing it up - I was glad to see it and it made me think.  It actually further reaffirmed me as an atheist and in my cynicism re: 'believers' and their moral standard.  As for that dude - I question if he belongs on here and you are correct, he could have found the info himself; for someone who claims skepticism he failed to do what skeptics do - question and find out or at least try to ....  Like you I'm connected to several sources of atheist facts/wisdom/information and appreciate the one you brought into the table.  Don't let the unpleasant dude discourage you!



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