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And what other conclusion could anyone reach?  Why don't you suggest an alternative, since it is your own statement you are disecting here?  As you kindly pointed out, I did write that those who hold resentment toward atheism/ists AND engage in destructive behavior against symbols representing those they resent are violent.  Are you implying that atheists themselves would engage in the destruction of their own symbols?  Are you saying your fiancee resents you?  Are you claiming she resents you to the point she won't marry you?  Do you claim women can't make a commitment to men who drown in their own harsh, vague statements? As someone who requires highly explicit communication, you hold on to quick, brisk statements when convenient.

I simply responded to Susan's statement which referenced one of yours.  You seem to be a very angry and argumentative person.  Why is that?


And the baiting thing:  It doesn't work so well with me.


Actually you didn't make yourself very clear as to what is the logical conclusion.

Argumentative is relative.  At this point I am simply amused ...

I like logic, empathy, reason - if arguing for those makes me argumentative, than I might just be ...

Since I became open and frank about my atheism, I've experienced no adverse effects.
What about side-effects?  Dry mouth?  Lack of guilt?  Sexual side-effects?

Couldn't resist coming back - Paul, you're too amusing!

"the links you provided are irrelevant to my initial comment because they post dated it" - appears that you are struggling with technology (does it really make sense to use that as way of invalidating an opposing viewpoint? Such a Fox News thing to do!), all the more reason to have empathy for others who self-admittedly have the same problem.

I do not think asking if you, like your fiancee, are born again, especially considering the opposition with which you approach the issue at hand is mind boggling.  And the only ambiguity I am seeing is that of your stance on the issue at hand .... You know - the question that started this thread ...  And let me assure you that my comprehension is just fine, as I am able to refer to an article and take information from it, as opposed to needing specific quotes - what I referred to earlier as spoonfeeding ...

It is somewhat refreshing that you can recognize humor, Elveera.  But do your REALLY "take informaion" from an article without knowing either the author or any factual basis for it.  Though I would not describe the initial post on this forum as 'an article'.

For my part this exchange IS about the initial post -- and then continued along with your attacks.  Further, although I saw a reference to someone not knowing how to post links  I did not comment on that.

I can't help thinking that perhaps you are a bit of a bully yourself.  I suspect that you are one of those people who never let up and continually look for the 'got you'.

Does your family see you that way?


If this is the way a 'counselor' acts I tend to feel  that the counselor needs counseling. 



I find it necessary to adjust my behaviors/responses to my "audience" on a daily basis.  Are you hurt because I didn't treat you like one of my students?  And if kindness it is you seek, do offer some too (re: your first comment in this thread).  When I made a claim that your statements were unkind, your response was (and let me paraphrase from memory, yes - I'm failing to dig for evidence) that you were after raw facts.  When I went with that, you play hurt now.... Suggestion, do test for validity before bringing up a point - that is your own advice, isn't it? 

Susan was first to spot your tendency to bully and I wholeheartedly agree with her.  Maybe it is something to consider, self-reflect upon, ponder over.  I am here to have adult interactions and not counsel.  If counseling is what you seek, be more explicit.

What is that first url, that first bit of comment, the first statement, the first unkindness, the first hurt, the first validity, the first point, the first advice, the first raw fact again?  Unkindness is rude, not kind.  Why should anyone be unkind?  Elvira can rip your head off old man, why should she not?



:)  Thanks for the vote of confidence, Michael!  ;)  So what do you think/What has been your experience in coming out of the closet as an atheist/non-believer/non-myth-promoter?



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