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If you have not seen this film, I strongly, VERY strongly encourage it. The premise is a long time discussion on these forums, as I expected. However, I was convinced that I'd never see a piece of (more or less) mainstream film about such a topic. I would absolutely LOVE a discussion about this film - to know what all of you think. Do you agree? Disagree? could you add something to the discussion from the film's characters?


The basic premise: If you knew somebody who could answer the questions to humankind's religious and folkloric myths, the origins of beliefs and misunderstandings, what would you do? If there was an eye-witness - would you believe it? How would it change your mental schemas?


You can view or download the movie here (it's legal) http://stagevu.com/video/trucvexpkvja


Basic description http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0807900/

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Yeah I saw it, it wasn't that good as a film, but in concept - very interesting. The one thing I really walked away with from this film was that it's OK to love someone even if you know exactly when it's going to end - you love the experiences shared together not the conventions and responsibilities that bind you.

I did find it left much to be desired on most fronts. But what I was most thrilled with was that the concept was even approached. Seeing as it was only a film, and not a multi-phased documentary, it did have its limitations, and as such could only scratch the surface of each discussion.

I did quite enjoy the film, for the concepts more than the follow through. The fact that a movie that was a simply a group of people sitting in room talking kept my interest surprised me. I loved the concept.


As for whether or not I would believe what I was told would basically be on what evidence could support the person's eye witness account. There are a lot of "theories" out there that may make sense, but aren't supportable. If a person was given enough time he or she could weave a wonderful tale of fancy that seemed completely believable but have no factual basis whatsoever.


However, on the assumption (for the sake of further answers to the posted questions) that what this person said was completely true and verifiable, and they were willing to answer questions, I would absolutely question the true story of everything I could think of (especially folklore and religion).


Still assuming complete, factual, truth from the answers, I think how it would change what and how I thought would depend on the answers.

I agree that if this were the case, we'd have to assume a lot things true. I think one of the most interesting points of this film is that, having seen all religion and folklore from all 4 corners of the earth, that the main character came to the conclusion that, pragmatically, it was hogwash. He said it gracefully, but that was his basic belief. I also liked how each character represented the major disputes against his assertions - each person asked what you would ask, from different perspectives.
I love that movie!
It's in my top 5.
I guess my appreciation is partially based on the idea of something other than a standard movie extraviganza, it was so cheaply done and takes place in a single room but holds your attention.
Yeah! I was excited by the fact that I could see a real movie done in the fashion of what my friends and I would discuss on a regular basis. It was a relief to know there exist creative minds like that. Not to mention, creative minds who were successful in bringing it to a medium by which many people receive their entertainment and information.
Thanks for posting this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it's already been said here; not the best made film (the acting can be stronger and script quite a bit tighter to feel like a courtroom drama) but definitely a gripping concept. Could easily have been a live play on stage, may even be more touching if performed that way. Anyhow, what felt universal for me was the notion of seeing endlessly your friends/loved ones dying before you. I think folks who have experienced AIDS in the 80s and mid-90s would resonate with how "john" felt. For me, not so much for AIDS, but cancer. Really touched me with the ending.

Oh dear. I just watched this. It was the most religious piece of tripe I've accidentally watched. I knew we were in trouble when Born-Again Christian William Katt came on set. But then to listen to the nonsense coming out of the "professors" mouths was an insult to the ears of this scientist working in biology and palaeontology. The expression "the mind so open the bottom is falling out" comes to mind. Maybe these pseudoscience characters could have been professors in a bible belt university, but no real university would hire them.
Basically, this is pro-Jesus, pro-New-Testament, with a bit of revisionism thrown in.
But at least I had a good yellow laugh at the shameful professors.
And the finale, Jesus lives, Halelujah! really?????????




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