Recently coined medallions supposedly to commemorate newly elected Pope Frances and put on sale by the Vatican have thereon a misspelling of the word, Jesus. There is an 'L' where the 'J' is supposed to be. How embarrassing. Per the article:


Apparently the Vatican wasn't using spell check. The Holy See has recalled thousands of commemorative papal medals after the word "Jesus" was misspelled as "Lesus." According to the Vatican Information Service, more than 6,000 of the medals were produced by the Italian State Mint to commemorate the beginning of Francis' papacy....After the medal mishap was made public, one observer noted on Twitter: "I blame the Lesuits."

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Since it was in Latin, it was probably intended to be an "i" but the person who actually set the lettering probably misread it, since some people write their i's in a way that makes them look like l's. AND this person, presumably Catholic, didn't know Latin. An ironic mistake, seeing as how the church spent many centuries making sure the populace was illiterate, and therefore unable to read their bibles and prayers.

It was probably a Freudian slip involving money Laundering.

This was exactly what I thought, except that I am wondering why the "s" on the end?  Is that in the Latin version?  (I definitely don't know Latin either, which is why this is a question rather than a statement!)

Latin has a lot of cases, which denote whether a word is a subject, direct object, indirect object, etc. In this case, Jesus is the subject of the sentence, so requires the nominative case, which ends in "s" for masculine words. Not ever having been a Christian, and not having studied Christian scripture or prayer, I actually don't know the derivation of "Jesu", which is found in prayers, except that it might be German, because the most famous phrase is Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring".

But if you notice, the "s" is found at the end of pretty much all male Latinized names, including the Jewish prophets -- Jews say "Elijah" or "Isaiah", or "Jeremiah" whereas the Christians say "Elias", "Isaias" and "Jeremias". Needless to say, the Jewish spelling is much closer to the original Hebrew.

Or could it be a misspelling of Nexus by an atheist in the closet?

I seriously thought it might have been done by a mole who didn't care about blowing his or her cover.

L is the new J. Haven't you heard? Papal decree.

Do you mean L means 'ell ?. 

wow - you would  think they would have an editor

Wow-Jesus can make a "special guest appearance" on toast, but his closest followers weren't warned of their spelling errors.

Maybe Lesus is a combo of Jesus and Lazarus? They could try to save face by selling that idea.

I think they should try to pull more youth into the church with a 40 pound blinged-out necklace that says "J-Dog" for Jesus. It's hard to misspell.




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