The Kepler telescope launched into space in 2009 is in disrepair beyond correction. Its purpose was to discover planets outside of our solar system and especially any that might sustain life. Its aiming mechanism is jammed and NASA says it cannot be fixed. NASA is hoping to find other uses for it. Per the article:

Kepler has four reaction wheels, but lost use of one of them in July 2012, leaving it with no spare. A second wheel failed in May. Engineers have been testing the spacecraft to see if either broken wheel can be unjammed, but to no avail. NASA announced on Thursday it was calling off those efforts.


Kepler has been lost as a planet searcher but not until after we were able to estimate that there are billions of planets outside of our solar system.  

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Got rid of the shuttle too soon.

Too bad it broke, but shit happens.

We sure could use some more commercial concerns launching these things.




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