Using DNA from the remains of the father of Leonardo da Vinci scientists have determined that Leonardo has living relatives. Their identities will be revealed on Thursday. Although the article suggests otherwise this does not necessarily mean that Leonardo had children because he had a number of half-brothers by his father and his living relatives might be descendants of some of them instead of him. Per the article:

Leonardo da Vinci lives on, according to two Italian researchers who have tracked down the living relatives of the Renaissance genius.....Vezzosi and Sabato identified the direct living descendants from Leonardo’s father....The researchers will detail their discovery at a conference on Thursday, just a day before the 564th anniversary of Da Vinci’s birth. Some of Leonardo’s descendants will attend the conference. “The list includes some surprising names,” Vezzosi said.

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It would be very interesting to find out whether Leonardo had any children but there aren't supposed to be any remains of him left to test the DNA of. That's why the researchers used the DNA of his father to find living relatives. Even if there were remains of him left I still don't think that it could be known whether the living relatives were descendants of him or of some of his half-brothers because the DNA that is checked to determine the existence of living relatives of a man (the Y chromosome) would have been identical between him and all of his half-brothers by his father. The article says the list of living relatives (to be disclosed tomorrow) is supposed to include some surprising names.

I'll check the internet after tomorrow to see if I can find any articles about it.

I couldn't find anything more than articles like the one below:

Everybody is having them.




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