The world's best-known authority on the mythologies of christianity and the grossly faulty bible is coming to Britain soon; and he is going to meet the praying Protestant Queen.


The National Secular Society and all of us atheists are pretty alarmed at the fact that our government is going to pay for this. Terry Sanderson invited me to draw attention to the on-line petition that follows. Let's add weight to the number of objectors.



Say NO to a state-funded visit to Britain.


Would you mention a petition we have on our website about the forthcoming visit of the Pope? It has been phenomenally successful [over 13,000 signatories as yet] and we would like to see that success continue.     Many thanks     Terry Sanderson


"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ask the Catholic Church to pay for the proposed visit of the Pope to the UK and relieve the taxpayer of the estimated £20 million cost. We accept the right of the Pope to visit his followers in Britain, but public money would be better spent on hard-pressed schools, hospitals and social services which are facing cuts."


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Doubt we have much choice: the old pedo-protector is coming regardless. He's a preacher of discrimination, etc. for sure - but no worse than the ones in the House of Lords!

Preventing our MONEY paying for his visit, now that would be a great day for democracy.

*Petition Signed*
I also think "M.P. 's Life of Brian" and " MP and the Holy Grail" should get reprises every day on channels around the country during the pope's stay. ...

" yes! We are all individuals"...
" We are all different.."
" I 'm not"!

Its never gonna happen but signing this petition damn sure makes a statement.



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