Ok so who is good at it other then me and I mean really good

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well, me :) 

There's a math group on A/N. 

I know that I am a member of it but there is no action on there

well do something then.

If you have G+ there are some really interesting math groups there and they are very active

Well I don't know where to start I don't know what training u have our anything

What training do you have?  

I posted a bunch of puzzles in the math group, do you like any of them? 

The puzzles can be understood without a lot of math background.

As for my background, it's similar to a grad student who's taken about a year of graduate math classes. I took a couple years of abstract algebra at Caltech, algebraic topology, etc. - and I've done a lot of reading on my own in Lang's Algebra, multivariable complex analysis, some number theory, some algebraic geometry, p-adic analysis.




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