I just watched in utter puzzlement this video.  Even though the text is in German, the pictures say it all.  

Here someone offers the explanation, that Mirin Dajo had fistulas through his body.

My question to anybody familiar with medical research:   

Has anybody ever tried to replicate on animals, what Mirin Dajo did to his body?   

Using painless methods, it should be possible to adapt rats until they can be pierced with small foils without being harmed.    Such research may sound like cruelty to animals.   But Mirin Dajo claimed to have been made invulnerable by god.   Any alternative to override such claims needs evidence, that what he did is biologically possible.   

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Mirin Dajo's claim that he had been "made invulnerable" by god" has the burden of proof. Not he other way around. Even if he was "invulnerable" and we had demonstrable evidence of such, the claim it was given to him by God or a God cannot be proven with the same data.

I am assuming that there is enough evidence that Mirin Dajo actually had the foil going through his body and it is not some trick in need to be debunked.   This means that there is indeed an observation, that defies the experience of centuries of dueling, when the defeated one pierced by a sword usually died or was severely wounded.   

There are two claims explaining the observation of his remaining unharmed by what is usually lethal.  

1.  His about being invulnerable by god.   This would have been his job to prove and it is anybody's, who shares his belief.    

2.  The hypothesis, that he created fistulas in his body and that the fistulas would enable a body to remain unharmed by being pierced is also only a claim, until there is scientific evidence.    My question concerns this evidence, which could be obtained by research on animals.     

I have seen Derrin Brown hypnotise people so they can't feel needles going through them. I've also seen him do the same with someone he then submerged in ice water with no pain until a trigger word was given.
Mind over matter can be a very powerful thing, he just better hope someone doesn't call his bluff and blow his deluded and/or lying brains out.


When you say you have seen, do you mean in person under controlled study or on TV or live at a theater or show?

On Tv with reliable witnesses present (paramedics etc). He is an Atheist and effective debunker of psychics, faithhealers and other such legal conartists. On top of that, he's a very good showman too.
He lets you know enough of how its done so you know its not so called supernatural crap, with out destroying the mystery of "how the fudge does he do that?"

Just to be off-topic, Mirin Dajo sounds like it's taken from mirindajo (pronounced mirindazho) which is Esperanto for miracle or something amazing. :-)

I think you are totally correct in that. Strange isn't it? :)

you are right:


Mirin Dajo was the pseudonym of Dutch fakir Arnold Gerrit Henskes

At that time he adopted his stage name Mirin Dajo, Esperanto for "wonder" (the right form should be: "mirindaĵo" - wonder, abstract substantive derived from adjective "mirinda" - wonderful). He saw the use of Esperanto -one language to be used around the world- as a way of uniting mankind, his primary goal.

Personally, I think this is a bunch of hooey. It's always one person who can do something 'miraculous' and I never believe them. If this guy created fistulas to enable to foil to move completely through his body, good for him. If he is legit, he will allow a doctor to examine him to help explain how and why the fistulas are there. If he doesn't allow it...no proof, no miracle. Just like a skilled magician, there is always an explanation

As an animal lover, I don't agree with much of the testing that goes on. To test this hypothesis on rats or any other animal would be, or should be considered unnecessary and cruel, and should not be done. Poke and hurt another living creature to prove this guy is off his rocker? No thanks.

Mirin Dajo died about 1948 and unfortunately it seems that his body was not thoroughly examined.   


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