Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences say teeth fossils found in a Chinese cave establish that modern humans were there 80 to 120 thousand years ago. It had previously been thought that modern humans left Africa only 70,000 years ago. Per the article:

Forty-seven teeth from our species dated to 80,000-120,000 years ago have just been found in a cave in southern China, according to a new study that has many important implications concerning humanity’s early history. The teeth, excavated from Fuyan Cave in Daoxian, southern China, represent the earliest unambiguous evidence for Homo sapiens outside of Africa. "They are indeed the earliest Homo sapiens with fully modern morphologies outside of Africa," lead author Wu Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences told Discovery News. "At the Levant (much of the eastern Mediterranean), we also have human remains from the sites of Qafzeh and Skhul (in Israel) with similar ages, but these fossils have been described as retaining some primitive features and, thus, are not fully modern."...He explained that a flowstone layer covers the entire cave floor and has a minimum age of 80,000 years old. The teeth were found in a sandy clay layer well beneath the stone, which allowed them to be reliably dated....The remains are described in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

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This story provides a new look into ancient human activity and opens new information for scientists to chew on. Thanks for the lead.

No problem!


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