Is it moral to vote out of state repeatedly in order to stack a pole to get a secular result?


Interesting discussion - 


The pole isn't particularly important in the bigger scheme of things - and it would seem that repeated voting isn't illegal - the site is perhaps designed - like most things in our society - to be an honesty based system.


The organisers would perhaps organise a different way to do it - but perhaps it isn't an issue to vote repeatedly.  If it was there would be some way of registration or cookies - which there doesn't seem to be.


It could be set up like big brother or other reality tv voting systems where you can vote as many times as you wish.


Why get all 'holier than thou' about it?


I think we need to use our rational thinking in this case - go through the facts of the case, before condemning others of immoral actions.  What's wrong with some reasoning - rather than public shaming?


I'm for the Naturalistic attitude of compassion due to our deterministic universe.

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I'm comfortable with what is up here and how I support my position.
Secretary of State Jon Husted invites Ohioans to practice a little democracy prior to Election Day by electing the next "I Voted Today" sticker. In this particular election, you don't have to be 18 to participate and you can vote as often as you like!

Visit this page daily from now through August 8 to vote for your favorite from among six new designs. Then "endorse" your sticker by sharing it with your friends through Facebook and Twitter so they too can join in the fun. The sticker that earns the popular vote will be the one distributed to Ohio voters at the polls this November 8, 2011.

Please enter the voting page below and thank you for participating!
This is what is posted on the website - if you view the you tube - their motivation seems more about encouraging people to vote that it is about the sticker itself - I think they are going with the "if people feel they had a choice, they are more likely to be cooperative" strategy - give them a choice about the sticker and they are more likely to vote....

They put it forward as a bit of fun - by saying that you don't have to be 18 to vote - so children are allowed to vote. And they do invite you to include your friends - it doesn't say anything about BUT only friends from Ohio - so really I don't see a problem with anyone voting - if it's that important to Stephan that it doesn't have - god - on his Ohio voting sticker - then why not help to win the contest - I really don't think you can say that it is morally wrong to do so - when they have openly invited him to do so.....
Good point.  The zip code may simply be tracking interest.  Nothing to do about limiting it to Ohio voters.  Great catch, a little ashamed I didn't notice that myself.
OK I've sent them an email to ask:

Can I clarify with you.
Can we vote on the sticker pole as many times as we wish?
Is this only for Ohio residents or can friends of Ohio residents living outside of the state also vote on the pole?


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